Midweek Munch: Lunch Inside A Buffalo

buffalo front

Easter indulgences carry on with  the Midweek Munch taking on one of Winton’s most central joints: The Buffalo Bar. Gary Coulsby provides a sneaky taste of what this student honeypot has to offer…

Edited by Imi Byers

The Buffalo Bar lies just off the high street in Winton at the junction with the Lidl supermarket and is best described as a ‘roadhouse style saloon’. Its rustic style wooden floors and furniture contrast with some random assortment of odds and ends attached to the walls and ceiling including buffalo horns, as well as some upside down crocodiles, or possibly alligators, hanging above the bar. Oddly this seems to work and although a bit shabby in places, you can tell the staff keep it clean and tidy while still maintaining a sense of fun.

arty inside buffalo

Buffalo’s artsy interior

The bar caters for a wide audience including locals, students and what can be best described as “characters”, clutching their multitude of shopping bags as they partake in a relaxing drink or meal. There is a real focus on rock and indie music with an awesome juke box and  flyers spattered over the walls and windows, proclaiming live music taking place in the evenings. Although I can imagine it gets quite cramped with the slim bar layout with dining area/pool room on one side and the snug lounge area on the other.

Pool bar and tables

Pool bar and tables

The staff are warm, polite and friendly and there is none of the in-your-face sales pitches that one can encounter in the hospitality business. They were quick to take my order once I had scanned through the comprehensive menu that was amusingly attached to the inside of an old vinyl double LP cover (a nice touch) and I was furnished with their own brew, predictably called ‘Buffalo Beer’.

MEATALLICA and fries

MEATALLICA and fries

The menu was full of everything that walks, crawls, flies and struts as well as a few vegetarian options and I finally decided on the aptly named “MEATALLICA” which consisted of a grilled butterfly chicken breast, beef burger, bacon, hash browns, cheese, salad and a BBQ sauce. A side order of fries and the whole meal rounded at £13.95 with the beer. A little on the steep side I thought, but good value considering the amount that was served. The meal was well cooked and tasty, albeit a little difficult to figure out how to consume without getting too messy but it sure was satisfying (less monstrous options are available). There was no complaints with the succulent butterfly chicken breast, juicy burger and crispy salted slice of bacon, however  the hash browns were a tad greasy and the bbq sauce a bit too plain for my liking but overall it was excellent.

If you are looking for a robust meal in relaxed surroundings with old school rock playing in the background, then I heartily recommend a visit to the Buffalo bar. You may pay more than the many other take-out food joints scattered around Winton but the opportunity to put your feet up and chill after a study session sure is appreciated and the prospect of staying later and enjoying the live music in this quirky and unique atmosphere is certainly tempting.

Midweek Munch Rating: 4/5