The Midweek Munch: Little Asia

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This week the Midweek Munch takes a trip to a small but sensational Chinese restaurant just outside of Bournemouth’s town.

Edited by Natalie Whitmore

If there ever was an award given out for the best Chinese Restaurant in Bournemouth, Little Asia would win. Not only is there food delicious, affordable, and comes in massive portions, but their friendly staff uphold a world-class service. I was one happy customer. (You will be able to find Little Asia in 172 Holdenhurst Road, just opposite the massive Staples next to Bournemouth’s Station).

I first found out about this place from a friend, and upon further research I saw that it had a 4.5 star review on Trip Advisor; I have to admit, that was what convinced me.

Little Asia is a small and cozy, but clean spot with minimal decorations. It has Chinese music playing in the background from a TV placed right in the middle of the restaurant – just incase you doubted that it is Chinese Restaurant. The first thing you notice once you go inside is how simple it is, unlike some Asian spots that hit your senses like a brick, this restaurant lets its food do the talking.

I became extremely happy with the place just be looking at the menu! It’s a very full menu, with ridiculous amounts of food and drinks listed in it. This place has copious amounts of traditional Asian drinks such as ‘Ice Milo’ and ‘Ice Lemon Tea’; and food offered is not just from China, but all over Asia. It is heaven.

12674971_1258183520862902_2073146220_oThe food in Little Asia is very tasty; as someone who has gone to probably nearly all the Chinese spots in the area, this spot has to take the cake. I am yet to have a dish here that doesn’t taste good. The first time I went there weas with two Asian friends, one from Hong Kong and one from Singapore and even they admitted that the food was delicious. How about that for clarification?

They take their portions seriously here in Little Asia. Yes, to the left is one big bowl of noodles is for one person. (I know, it’s amazing.) Finishing this dish was a challenge: it got to the point where I could not move after finishing just half the bowl. You can expect the same colossal portion sizes from the rest of the dishes from Little Asia, they will not let you leave until you are full. Like I say, heaven.

However, the real highlight of this spot has to be the hot pots. Nearly all Asian Countries have their own version of hot pots such as the Korean Hot Pot or the Japanese Shabu Shabu; well this place has got the Chinese Hot Pot to the T. They charge £16 per person for an all-you-can-eat hotpot meat, and because of the amount of food you are able to order, it is totally worth the money. The concept of the dish is simple: they give you 2 different broths – that you can choose – and give you a whole host of chooses of side dishes. You can order as much as you like, and cook it in the boiling broth, which comes with a little burner underneath. It is beautiful. It is totally worth the money because you are able to order lots of tasty meat, and lots of different types of seafood such as a whole crab.

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I strongly recommend this place for anyone who enjoys Oriental food, there is something there for everyone. On average for 1 person a large dish of food plus a drink should not cost more that £15, but it is totally possible in this place to turn greedy and order a whole host of food. The food here is super delicious, my only regret is that I didn’t find out about this spot sooner.