Midweek Munch: Food Fads – Fact or Fiction?

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You see it every day; some way or another. A new health kick or trend that seems to be taking over the internet: squeezed in to the top right corner of your facebook home page, or filling up your Instagram dashboard with photos and claims of life-changing solutions. But would you ever really take them seriously? Imi Byers investigates…

It may be due to exam/revision boredom, or a need to feel adventurous, but I have decided to try and test out a couple of the crazy theories and fads that have stalked my internet pages. Who knows? Maybe I will find the answers that to all of my dietary dilemmas…

Eating citrus and kiwi skins

This is an odd one because obviously kiwi’s have hairy skins and orange peel don’t exactly radiate the desire to have a munch of. BUTTT… according to livestrong, the dailymail and medhealth, the skins of the fruit contain more fibre and vitamin C than what’s actually inside.

Does this kiwi look appetising to you?

Does this kiwi look appetising to you?

The flavonoids in the skin are also said to reduce risk of cancer and I’m not one for wasting food so any way to save any potential bin-offerings while getting more nutrients at no extra cost for me is a plus.

Starting with the kiwi: at first approach, I admit, it’s hard. Should I peel the innocent fruit and eat the peel alone? Or just bite into it whole like an apple? I go for the apple approach and surprisingly, it’s not that bad. The hairs don’t tickle and itch my mouth (which was one of my main fears).

It doesn’t have any odd flavour and taint the overall kiwi experience.  It certainly is much more convenient and saves out on having to carry around a knife and a spoon if wishing to enjoy the fruity snack on-the-go. People might look at you strangely, but little do they know the nutritional benefits you are gaining.  Warning, however, be prepared for extreme juice dribblidge. Do not proceed with this if attempting to look cool or attractive. It just can’t be done (sorry). On the up side, I do feel super healthy and environmentally-friendly – so why not try it out?

Succulent and juicy... or rubbery and fluffy?

Succulent and juicy… or rubbery and fluffy?

Moving on to orange peel (safe in the comfort of my own home a to avoid looking odd), I nibble nervously on the pre-peeled skin. It’s surprisingly not that bad. To be honest, it was pretty tasteless but it was more of the rubbery texture and fluffy pith that was a bit off-putting.  If you are interested in getting the health benefits from the skin, but not willing to eat the skin by itself, try mixing it up in a smoothie instead. You won’t be able to notice that it’s there and you’ll still get that kick-ass boost of vitamins and minerals.

Cayenne Pepper Lemon Water

Ingredients for Beyonce transformation

Ingredients for Beyonce transformation

Apparently, according to DoctorHealth and NewStyle.com, one of the concoctions that keep Beyonce fully goddess-like, is the daily intake of a warm drink containing hot water, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. I have to admit, I am immediately weary as I know that cayenne pepper is used in curries and the idea of it in a drink seems slightly daunting. The thought, however, that drinking this will make me like Beyonce spurs me on and I craft up this crazy drink as a Monday morning breakfast accompaniment: two teaspoons of cayenne pepper and one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed in a mug with boiling water. Yum. After giving it a few minutes to settle and cool down, the cayenne pepper has already split and formed a neat pile at the bottom of the mug – it does not look very appetising. However, I am not so easily defeated and after another quick stir I take my first sip. I am not going to lie – this definitely would take some getting used to. The taste is so hot and spicy, I feel like I am drinking a curry for breakfast. The rest of my breakfast feels oddly curry-like and I feel like my eggs on toast has been ruined. I look in the mirror and I still don’t look like Beyonce. Damn – what a waste.

My conclusions? Unless you happen to like eating and drinking these bizarre fads… it’s really not worth it.