Midweek Munch: 5 Healthy Student Budget Friendly Recipes


Whether you have lived off pot noodles, drunk too much alcohol or just forgotten how to be active, you may have found your health deteriorating at uni. Not being able to afford lots of good food or a pricey gym membership, it’s easy to feel like being healthy is just too hard. But, Nerve Online is here to tell you that it’s not. You don’t need stacks of cash to be healthy. Give these recipes a try and you will be able to eat well without breaking the bank.

1. Cauliflower pizza 

Let’s hope our’s looks as good as The Vintage Mixer’s!

There’s no denying that those texts from Dominos are seriously tempting. Whilst the offers may seem like good value, they are actually still pretty pricey. Not to mention bad for your health. Inevitably, there will be times when you just need a takeaway pizza, no questions asked. But, for any other time, this cauliflower pizza is a great replacement. Made with vegetables, cheese and whatever other toppings you fancy it’s a great way to get your five a day without spending money. Okay, so it doesn’t taste exactly like Dominos, but it’s still pizza!

2. Overnight oats 

So,  you went out when you have a 9 am. It’s a desperate rush to make it to your lecture on time as it is, without the added stress of breakfast. But, despite how hungover you may feel, there’s no point making it all the way to your lecture if you’re too hungry to concentrate. With this easy overnight oats recipe (which you can prepare the day before), you can quickly grab something as you run out the door. It’s easy, doesn’t take up anytime in the morning and really cheap to make. Plus, it’s full of hangover-fighting food remedies to give you the extra hand you definitely need.

3. Baked omelettes 

Who knew that eggs could so exciting?

It’s true that a lot of healthy food is expensive, but there’s still plenty of cheap options too. Take eggs. Packed full of protein and healthy fats they offer you the goodness you need without the price tag. If that wasn’t enough, they are pretty versatile too. To mix up your usual dose of eggs, try this baked omelette. Add anything you fancy and you have an exciting meal that has cost you hardly anything. Plus you get a delicious meal alongside essential nutrients.

4. 5 a day pasta bake 

Pata can actually be really good for you.

Ah, pasta. The budget-friendly carb that goes with just about anything. But, is it healthy? Whilst carbs like pasta have a pretty bad rep, there’s plenty of research to show that pasta is a perfectly balanced meal. Well, maybe not with the toppings we use. Try swapping your usual meatballs, sausages and cheese for this 5 vegetable pasta and you have a healthier alternative for a much lower price.

5. Homemade burger and fries 

There’s nothing more satisfying than a dirty burger and fries (we are looking at you 7bone). But, the downfall? They aren’t a great option for your health or wallet. The good news? Make a few little changes and you don’t have to rule them out completely. Try this homemade version and you will have a fulfilling meal for a quarter of the price of your favourite burger. A happy belly and bank balance, it’s a win-win!

So, there you have it. No more excuses as to why you can’t be healthy. Well, money-related excuses anyway!