Matt Carsten and Germein – Coffee House Sessions


Nerve returned this Tuesday for the Coffee House Sessions at Dylan’s to be spoilt by two amazing acts from a little further afield. Matt Carsten followed by sisters, Germein brought new levels of energy to our campus bar.

Matt Carsten

First up for this week’s Coffee House Sessions, Matt is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from South Africa, who is “finally living his dream” as he tours the UK for the first of many times after releasing his debut album 2D Heart. I was immediately taken aback by his impressive skills using a loop for backing tracks and smooth recorded harmonies. These skills and his talent on the guitar certainly gave him an Ed Sheeran vibe, so it’s no surprise to who one of his main inspirations are.

photo by Jake Carter

Customers at Dylan’s were certainly impressed as all eyes were on him as his music filled the room. Matt played a mixture of originals and covers, including the iconic and popular ‘Shape of You’. The lyrics “bar is where I go” were relevant as students keenly watched with a pint or woo-woo in their hands. Regarding his covers, he made them his own by showing off his wide vocal range through changing keys and putting a twist on strumming patterns. Matt admitted that it was Meghan Trainor that inspired his ‘You to You’ track which incorporates the ‘50’s doowop’.

Matt’s finale was for all those 90’s kids as he bashed out an Eminem classic, ‘The Real Slim Shady’. This throwback flaunted his many talents as he beat boxed and rapped, and the audience loved it! But Matt isn’t only talented in the musical world. He can do a hell of a good Geordie impression after years of watching Geordie Shore.

photo by Jake Carter

When asked for his motive behind this Eminem cover, he said it was “the association that cool people like Eminem”. So, clearly us Bournemouth lot are up to his cool standards. He “digs mash up’s” and his ultimate ambition is to mix an English song with an African rock tune.

Matt claims to love England and I think England will love him too. He’s celebrated in South Africa so hopefully it won’t be long till he pushes it through in the British music industry, especially after his promising UK tour next year supported with his band.

photo by Jake Carter


Following on from Matt, we were treated to an energising set by Germein, 3 sisters all the way from Australia. The girls were still getting over their jet lag, but they delivered a dynamic performance in Dylan’s. They swapped their usual electric guitars and full drum set to acoustics and a wooden box. If their acoustic set was anything to go by I can’t imagine how powerful their electric performance would be. Youngest and lead singer, Georgia was responsible for the song lyrics and was accompanied by her sisters on harmony duty.

photo by Jake Carter

The girls had visited England before, supporting Little Mix on their latest tour! Whilst the girls admitted they took inspiration from the energy Little Mix gave, I personally preferred Germein’s quirky and funky vibe in songs such as “Thunder” and new single “Talking”. They mainly take inspiration from strong bands such as Haim, Fleetwood Mac and Coldplay.

Their bursting confidence was reflected in their high vocals with power that livened up the whole bar. They slowed the gig down with a cover of ‘Somebody to love’ where they aced the harmonies and offered to play any cover requests, but no one put them up to the challenge.

photo by Jake Carter

The girls sound like they’ve been creating a name for themselves with tours around the East coast of Australia, Germany, and even Vietnam. It was their fourth year of doing Isle of Wight festival so surely the only next step would be Glastonbury?

Both acts were incredibly professional and I can only expect hopeful things for the future. Nerve wishes them all the luck on the rest of the tour and hopes Matt wasn’t too hanging after his night out in Cameo.

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Don’t miss next week’s Coffee House Sessions with RVBY & VICTORS on Tuesday 16th October at 3pm as they take over Dylan’s again!