Mark Ruffalo fights against Cameron’s fracking plans

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Mark Ruffalo has called out David Cameron’s plans to gain support for fracking in the UK.

The star of Oscar nominated film, Spotlight, has spent his time recently campaigning for the film to win Best Picture.

Although, with the recent number of highly publicised instances of water pollution, Mark Ruffalo has campaigned against the unnecessary risks taken when concerning the global water supply.

In collaboration with charity Friends of the Earth, Mark Ruffalo released a video directed towards Prime Minister David Cameron on his efforts to win support for the controversial topic of fracking.

David Cameron has announced that 100% of business rates raised from these fracking sites will be given to local authorities.

This proposal will aim to raise millions of pounds for local authorities with each site being valued at up to £1.7 million a year.

Mark Ruffalo has made accusations of the Prime Minister going against previous campaign promises. David Cameron had said he would not ignore the general public’s attitude towards fracking in the UK.

Instead, the Hollywood actor pushes for greater research into renewable energy that will promote a greener UK as well as ensuring many jobs in a developing industry.

The three-time nominated Oscar actor is a very strong advocator against the use of fracking. He set up organization Water Defense to help provide clean water as well as bring awareness to the water contamination issues facing America.

The actor recently wrote an article for The Washington Post criticising the continued failure under the Obama administration to supply clean drinking water to the American public.

The high number of water contamination cases in the US proves that efforts made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have not been sufficient and further steps need to be taken to provide protection against cases like Flint, Michigan.

The parallels between the US and the UK’s oil industry is what causes many to worry about the possible dangers that lie ahead for our two countries.