London defends women’s rights following Trump’s first day in office

Demonstrators gather outside the US Embassy in Grosvenor Park.

Just one day after Trump assumed office, thousands of men and women took to the streets of London to campaign against Trump’s presidency

Trump, the new President of the United States, is well known for his offensive comments, most famously towards females.

With a man who said women should be punished for abortion now in charge of the United States, men and women worldwide are concerned that gender equality is under threat.

As a form of solidarity, up to 100,000 demonstrators marched from the US Embassy to Trafalgar Square in London to join in with the rest of the protests taking place around the world against Trump.

Women's rights

Demonstrators hold signs up high during the march.

Protest banners and signs expressed the thoughts of the demonstrators with words such as: “men of quality do not fear equality” written boldly and carried throughout the march.

However, protesters were not just campaigning for women’s rights but also at their dismay towards the election of Trump as President.

Alfie, a student at Bournemouth University, took part in the London march and told Nerve News: “It was to do with the fact a man as despicable as Donald Trump could be elected as the most powerful man in the Western world.”

Rochelle Thomas, a graduate of Cambridge University also attended the London march explaining that:

Demonstrators gather outside the US Embassy.

The mere idea that a man like Trump, a man who has openly said some awful and degrading things about women, a man who is sexually inappropriate about his own daughter, who seems to view the female body as something he has ‘rights’ over in more than one sense, could be in power should be laughable. But it’s not.

Rochelle added: “By marching, maybe in years to come people will look back and see that our generation weren’t just silent and didn’t just sit back and let things wash over us, we were vocal and we were active.

“We tried. And maybe at some point, our voices will matter.”

In Britain, London wasn’t the only city that saw people joining together to highlight women’s rights. Demonstrations also took place in Cardiff, Liverpool and Manchester to name just a few.

The biggest demonstrations took place in Washington DC with an estimated 500,000 demonstrators.

Man’s best friend also join in with the demonstrations.