REVIEW: Lean in 15 Cookbook

Lean in 15

Eat more and exercise less? Yes please! Nerve has a look at Joe Wicks’ new book, Lean In 15. 

Edited by Rebecca Pates

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll have heard of Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach. With 650,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined, Wicks is a great example of utilising social media as a career. The self-titled ‘The Body Coach’ and leader of the #LeanIn15 army captured audiences with his 15 second whacky cooking tutorials, and  has now adapted this into his new cookbook: Lean In 15.

His charismatic and charming personality, which rocketed him to fame, is evident throughout the entire book. A flick through his Instagram and a read of his book will have you calling for broccoli, midget trees, the scales, the sad step- and anything slightly naughty will be #guilteee.

The book begins with a short bio. After personal training for 5 years, Wicks studied nutrition at university. By combining the two together, his clients saw amazing results, and soon, Joe became fully booked. But he was only able to train 100 people a week and wanted to reach out to more people. That is where he began actively using social media. As soon as his catchphrase “and that right there is Lean in 15″ became well-known, more and more people began to watch, constantly contacting Joe about how to get lean. This is when he decided to create an online nutrition and training plan tailored to each and every customer leading us back to the present with his best-selling cookbook.

Chapters include: the Lean in 15 Plan, reduced-carbohydrate recipes, post-workout carbohydrate-refuel recipes, snacks and treats as well as a chapter on how to burn fat and build lean muscle with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). All chapters offer a wide range of recipes, with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Opening the book is like a breath of fresh air. The composition is simple and colourful, making this fitness bible easy to navigate. In particular, the range of recipes for a one person serving is surprisingly refreshing. As a student, it can be daunting trying to calculate a recipe meant for four people just for yourself, but here it is all done for you. Additionally, there are no ingredients that would leave you in a cold sweat trying to Google them. It’s good, simple food from scratch.

I’m looking forward to trying the Thai green curry, the poached salmon with bacon and the chicken and new potato hash to name a few (of the 100 recipes), but they all look delicious and all take only 15 minutes to make. I think the simplicity of the ingredients and method is an absolute winner.

As well as a huge range of recipes, there are also two HIIT workouts for you to try. As you’ve probably guessed, these also only take 15 minutes – although I wouldn’t underestimate it being easy. I tried the cardio one and it definitely pushed me physically, but it made me 10X better afterwards.

The Body Coach is definitely on to a winner here. The book is not only educational but simplified to suit a busy lifestyle. Eat more and exercise less is the promise. And that right there is #LeanIn15.

Want to see for yourself? The cookbook is available from all main retailers.