Let’s Talk About It: Pre-Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress

Between endlessly wrapping gifts, overindulging in mince pies and struggling to meet deadlines, festive fun can soon enough leave us feeling frazzled if we’re not careful. 

Too often, ‘expectations’ to impress can not only leave us empty-pocked but can be the reason for feelings of stress and anxiety. While it may be tempting to hide away and pretend Christmas never happened, solutions are round the corner. Check out this stress-free guide to help you sit back and relax this Christmas…

Get Organised 

Avoid last minute cramming. This means deadlines, shopping and even organising events. It may be useful to break down every deadline on a module-basis and write it on a calendar (phone or paper planner). The last thing you need during Christmas is to be worrying about essays or coursework! Instead of worrying about later deadlines, why not set yourself targets? This means making sure work is completed on certain days.

According to a study by eBay, heart rates tend to increase by 33% while Christmas shopping – which is equal to the same increase as running a marathon! Avoid last minute Christmas at all costs. Not only is it stressful, it’s unnecessary. Amazon can be really useful for reasonable priced presents often have a greater selection. It is also worth considering the price of presents. Some of the best presents don’t come with the highest price tags. Instead they are the one’s with the most thought. Remember that shirt I saw two months ago? Actually, I did. It may also be useful to make a list of of all the people to buy for and what you want to get them in order to avoid the mad rush.

Social Pressure 

Christmas can often come with an added obligation to socialise. For some, a bonus. For others, a social nightmare. There may be an excessive demand to attend work parties and to meet up with friends or family. To combat this, try mixing events and friends. It may also be helpful to make a mental or physical note of any event you’ve booked. This means to avoid double booking – an added stress! Don’t feel obliged to see everyone, everywhere. You can stay in contact in other ways. Sometimes, they’re simply aren’t enough hours in a month to keep everyone happy. You should never feel bad for not having time to everyone.

Family Tensions 

Time spent with family can often lead to arguments. It’s inevitable. It is a horror film in itself.

Often, if your used to spending so much time elsewhere, arguments can happen. To help minimise family disputes this Christmas, try being more open-minded. For example, avoid controversial subjects. Brexit? Don’t even go there! Why not consider playing games or watching Christmas films to change the scene? Alcohol can also lead to arguments. A simple solution is to drink in moderation.

Slow Down 

It is important to take time out and look at the bigger picture. It’s very easy to get caught up in all things Christmassy and forget to relax. Why not ask for help? If you know things are unachievable, a second pair of hands may help. After all, it may allow more time to spend on yourself. Equally, it be beneficial to both parties. Besides, Netflix is there to be watched. Certainly don’t deprive it!

Make The Most of Christmas! 

Consider going out of your way to enjoy Christmas more. Why not go ice skating? Christmas markets? You might even consider doing something that’s not related to Christmas.

Christmas only come’s round once a year. While it might be easier said than done, enjoy it! Consider all the tips in this guide, and you should be well on the way to happier, more content festive season.