What we know so far: Broadchurch mid-season recap


Broadchurch Series 3 has been back on our TV screens for four weeks, and now that we’re halfway through the final season, Nerve takes a look at all the key suspects so far. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Episode 1

The famous cliffs of West Bay are as much a character as those who reside around it.

The series began with the introduction of a wide array of new characters following the rape of Trish (played superbly by Julie Hesmondhalgh). As was the case in series 1, the rest of the series revolves around finding out who committed the crime, and each episode throws a new suspect into the mix or a spin on your perception of certain Bridport locals.

The season premiere introduces us to the characters, while also setting up a handful of sub-plots. Maggie, the journalist, has returned to publish a book about Danny Latimer who was
killed in series 1, and the third series maintains many of those threads, with Danny’s father Mark continuing to pursue his son’s murderer – making for some emotional scenes with him and his family.

We see at the end of this episode that the mechanic, Jim Atwood (and co-host of the party where Trish was raped), has the same brand of condoms in his car that are found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, a bag – branded with the farm shop logo where his wife works – is picked up from the crime scene.

Episode 2

Episode 2 introduced us to Leo Sawyer – the young lad who works at the fish twine company, and so is a suspect considering this was the material used to tie Trish’s hands behind her back during the rape (the aftermath of which has received unanimous appraise for how respectfully it was handled).

Beth Latimer, the mother of Danny, becomes an advisor to Trish and tries to help her through the recovery. Returning detective inspector’s Hardy and Miller (David Tennant & Olivia Colman) share their usual back-and-forth and showcase wonderful chemistry between the actors, as they try to get Trish to give her full account of how the night unfolded.

Washingpool Farm were nice enough to show me the Flintcombe Farm Shop (the fictional version) branded bag that is seen in the programme.

We are also introduced to Trish’s husband – a school teacher called Ian Winterman who opts not to provide a DNA sample to the police when he learns that it’s voluntary. He’s also seen scrubbing his dirty clothes. Suspicious. Another fresh face comes in the way of Clive Lucas – a taxi driver who seems more than shifty.

Finally, we also meet Ed Burnett – or more commonly known as Lenny Henry – but he’s certainly not here to guarantee anyone a good nights sleep. The episode ends with Trish receiving a text that simply states “keep quiet”.

Episode 3

Ian the school teacher reveals to the police that he lied about the night to them because he couldn’t remember what had happened after having a tequila (sounds familiar), just that he woke up on the grass near the lake. Replace those words with “he woke up in Istanbul near the Cameo” and you wouldn’t be far off describing a BU student’s average Wednesday night.

The real-life version of Ed Burnett’s office.

Anyway, Ed A.K.A Lenny admitted having a fight with Jim the mechanic, meanwhile Mark is still trying to figure out how he’s going to punish Joe Miller – series 1’s whodunit. The cab driver Clive also crumbles and confirms he had been lying to the police, it turns out that he dated Trish “once”, but it must have been a good date considering he has her keys and a pendant with the two of them and Trish’s daughter in it, in his garage.

Finally, school teacher Ian meets up with fish twine lad Leo to talk about removing files from a computer. It remains to be fully explained what these mysterious documents would have hinted at. However, the main teaching from this episode: Alec Hardy really doesn’t like scotch eggs.

Episode 4

The crew get Trish to re-tread her steps at the crime scene and its testament to Julie Hesmondhalgh’s acting ability that Trish seems like two different people in the wonderfully-edited before and after comparisons.

Staff at Washingpool Farm stated that filming only caused “minimal disruption” to their day-to-day business activities. Some got to appear as extras in the show!

We also meet Aaron Mayford – a new character who is a convicted rapist and has just moved back into the area after getting out of prison. Acted by Jim Howick, the performance is creepy and convincing to the level that it makes your skin crawl. He reckons he didn’t rape Trish, because he was fishing at the beach in the early hours of the morning.

Cath Atwood – Jim’s wife – for some reason organised a football match on the beach, apparently in order to unite the people who all happen to be key suspects, but all it does is prove that Lenny Henry is not in fact a long lost sibling of Thierry. Once that’s over and done with, Hardy goes on a Tinder date in one of the most satisfyingly awkward pieces of television ever broadcast.

Then, the biggest reveal of the series so far occurs when Jim is forced to admit that he did have sex with Trish, but it was on the morning of his wife’s 50th birthday and party. Trish had been unwilling to give this information to the police, but Jim suggested that he did it because he doesn’t get any ‘action’ for want of a better word with his wife Cath. He also suggests this rules him out of being the rapist, because “if I wanted to have sex with Trish, I could” to put it bluntly. How this situation unfolds and whether Cath will find out will no doubt be revealed over the remaining four episodes.

We also learn that Ian’s new girlfriend Sarah – also a school teacher – had been the one sending the cryptic messages to Trish. Surely, she will have more of an involvement in the rest of the plot.

Meanwhile, Mark has identified the location of Joe Miller. Upon requesting that the vicar come with him on his murderous rampage, the latter politely turns down the offer, un-surprisingly.

Finally, the episode ends with a woman from a call centre, and also a rape victim from the past, comes forward to talk to the police. No doubt the rest of the series will outline whether it was the same person who committed both crimes. Broadchurch’s remaining four episodes will air on ITV1 every Monday at 9pm for the next four weeks.