Juicy Couture is Back


The day has arrived, fashion fans: Juicy Couture is back in the mainstream.

I know there are people who hoped that this day would never come but alas, the velour has returned and its prices seem to have rocketed.  Before we look at Juicy’s new stuff though, it’s throwback time.

Whilst the brand was born in 1997, Juicy actually took off in 2001 when Madonna debuted her own custom designed tracksuit. After this came a stream of other celebrities donning velour of all shades and going about their daily lives. Hell, even Beyoncé wore a Juicy tracksuit back in the day.  The result was a shift in the world’s perception of ‘the tracksuit’ – it wasn’t just for lounging around in anymore, it was for wearing out and about, and Juicy’s creations were the holy grail; their tracksuits became aspirational items that everybody wanted in their wardrobe.

 The only problem was: who wants what everybody else already has?  The end of the craze was nigh as the general public managed to increasingly get their hands on the tracksuits.  The rich and famous soon stopped wearing them, completing Juicy Couture’s journey from boutique to the cheapened mainstream.  The worldwide hype eventually dissipated.

Fast-forward to the here and now and the situation is very different; Juicy Couture is alive and kicking and seizing the power of street-style and athleisure.

The brand launched a collaboration with Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo last year, and now Topshop has decided to stock Juicy too.  Competing with its high street enemy, Urban Outfitters have also launched a new Juicy campaign with Tinashe as their poster girl.  The collection features exclusive items and one complete tracksuit will set you back just over £200, with an exclusive tracksuit from Topshop costing £289!  Ouch.


Juicy Couture is seemingly re-establishing itself as a desirable brand, but is it here to stay?  I personally don’t think so. However with both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian having recently been pictured in Juicy, the embellished velour will most likely stick around for a while. It’s time to ride it out!