IT Film Review: 3 Things We Loved, 3 Things We Didn’t


Stephen King’s Pennywise is back – featuring ‘IT’, the killer clown, any children’s worst nightmare.

Based on the 1300 page novel by Stephen King, ‘IT’ is among the scariest of film adaptations that’ll guarantee you’ll be gripping onto your seat!

 What We Loved:

  • Children actors – There are A LOT of films with exceptional performances by children. However, ‘IT’s’ actors were outstanding. All the actors had amazing comedic timing and nailed the “scared-as-hell” element of the story. Some will recognise Finn Wolfhard as Mike from “Stranger Things” and Jaeden Lieberher from this year’s “A Book of Henry”. We had high exceptions for the actors in this film and they delivered.
  • The killer clown – Having watched Bill Skarsgard’s previous work, we were hoping that the new ‘IT’ would be just as good if not better than Tim Curry’s IT. The new adaptation of the demonic clown seemed MUCH creepier than its predecessor. Muschiette did a fantastic job of captivating the audience in the film’s first scene when we were first introduced to clown hiding in the sewer.
  • ‘Real life’ horror – *SPOILER ALERT* – It was interesting how the parents appeared at times to be scarier than the homicidal clown. The directors did a great job of implementing real life horrors and abuse mixed in with mythical horror – the audience felt just as trapped as the children in the film.

What We Didn’t:

  • More of IT’s history – Undoubtedly we’ll learn more about IT in the 2nd film but it would have made the character even richer!
  •  The Bully, Henry Bowers – Henry Bowers character as a whole was very disappointing. In the books, he is portrayed as a psychopath renowned for killing animals and locking them in an abandoned fridge. The film decided to miss this part out and instead tamed his character to a ‘generic bully’ which seemed rather dull in companion to how he is portrayed in the book.
  • The romance element – Some might have seen the romance between Bill and Bev as a cutesy,  childhood romance, instead it felt cheesy and unnecessary. The film did a great job in depicting the strong bond between the ‘Loser’s Club’ but the added romance seemed to have no substance to it.