Isle of Wight Festival 2019: Nerve’s Big Preview


With Isle of Wight Festival 2019 just around the corner, Nerve previews the event by discussing which artists we’re most looking forward to seeing.

This discussion originally appeared on Episode 15 of Alt Rock at 8 o’Clock, which you can listen to in full here. To listen to just the Isle of Wight montage/preview, press play below.

Stephen Wright: At last year’s festival, we got to see the likes of Kasabian, The Killers, Liam Gallagher and Peter Crouch. What did you make of it last year, and what’s got you excited for this year?

Todd Weedon: I loved Kasabian, I thought they were brilliant. They’re just a band that gets everyone up and going. Obviously the Saturday headliner was Depeche Mode, who you both know I’m a massive fan of. They brought out I Just Can’t Get Enough at the end, which was the first time they had played that in years! They played that just for the Isle of Wight. And as good as the headliners are, some of the other bands on a Friday or Sunday afternoon make it for me. I took you boys to see LANY, and I think you can discover some really cool artists just by chilling with a drink, sitting on the grass and listening to music you may not have heard before.

SW: Aside from the music itself, it was a glorious sunny weekend. England were on in the World Cup, and it was brilliant! We were eating Strongbow Dark Fruit ice cream, so there are some top memories to cherish. Obviously, there’s no World Cup this time though! You’ve got a bit of a dilemma haven’t you Todd, in terms of the line-up clashing?

TW: A friend of mine that’s going to be coming with us really wants to see Anne-Marie and Bastille. I like both artists but they’re in the middle of Sam Fender, so we’ve got a clash. We’ve agreed on going to see the start of Anne-Marie, disappearing off to see Sam Fender in between and then going to catch a bit of Bastille. It’s a case of, when you go as a group, you can’t always see everyone that you want, so it’s a bit of give and take.

SW: So, I believe we’re going on the Friday. However, maybe we should consider going one day early.

TW: Let me call this! Are you going Heather Small and Wet Wet Wet?

SW: I’ve just seen Wet Wet Wet! I reckon that could be on the cards! So, final words on this year’s festival?

TW: Rick Astley is going to be the standout performer for me, I’m calling it now.

Dan Davis: I think the weird highlights are going to be Never Gonna Give You Up and One Step Beyond.

TW: Are you two going to be cuddled in each other’s arms singing it?

DD: I think so. I’m definitely going to have quite a lot of beer over the course of the weekend, so it depends what sort of state I’m in! But I’m genuinely looking forward to the headliners, I think they’re going to be good. I think Biffy Clyro are in with a very good shout of being the best live band that I’ve seen, because I’ve watched them on YouTube and they’re mental and so raw. I think if they play the songs that I want to see, then they’ll probably be the best live band. That’s what I’m looking forward to, and I can’t really complain about George Ezra on Saturday as well. Fat Boy Slim’s also playing Saturday, and I’m really looking forward to it. Obviously, I’ll be stuck with you two chumps, so it’ll be a laugh!

TW: Going back to Biffy Clyro, I’ve seen them live three or four times now. They are unbelievable.

DD: But you have got nine years more experience of going to gigs!

SW: Hopefully Crouchy will be there as well, and we won’t be able to miss him if he is!

TW: I heard we’re partying with him this year?

SW: Oh yeah? After party with Crouch? Sounds like a good time!

Peter Crouch on stage – credit: Isle of Wight Festival 2018.

Nerve will be providing more coverage before, during, and after the festival, so keep an eye on our website and social media across the weekend of 13-16 June.