INTERVIEW: The “3 Bro’s” take on Red Bull’s ‘Can You Make It?’

Red Bull

Laura Hill interviews the three students representing Bournemouth University at Red Bull’s hitchhiking competition, ‘Can You Make It?’ across Europe.

Edited by Rebecca Pates

Consisting of two brothers and a cousin, the ambitious “3 Bro’s” have traveled to every continent (not Antarctica however), and are now gearing up for their trip around Europe for the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ competition. Representing Bournemouth University, students Will, Baz and Dom have been chosen to put their skills to the test and find their way to Paris using nothing, but Red Bull as currency.

The cheeky trio will be flown to Berlin before handing over their cash, cards and phones in exchange for 24 cans of Red Bull and a smartphone. As well as having to get to Paris within a given time frame, Red Bull will also set the team a list of checkpoints to visit, with each challenge worth a certain amount of points depending on the difficulty.

The competition, which Red Bull suggest is not so much about speed but more about innovation and adventure, will also be judged on the teams’ social media share score as well as completed checkpoint and adventure list challenges. The winning team will be rewarded with the ultimate European summer adventure by Contiki.

Out of the thousands that applied, the “3 Bro’s” were selected to be one of the 165 teams to take part, and one of only 10 teams within the UK. Before the challenge begins on 11th April, Laura Hill speaks to brothers Baz and Dom Bignell about how they are preparing for their once in a lifetime adventure.

Laura: Hi guys! So first of all, what made you want to take part in the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ competition?
Baz: It sounded like an adventure of a life time! Also I felt we could make our application stand out with us all being related, so I thought why not.
Dom: When Baz brought it up and linked us to the page, Will and I were sold within minutes. The concept of it all is really cool and exactly the kind of challenge we’d love to be a part of. The experiences we will get out of it are amazing and Red Bull are renowned for their expansive and over the top promotion.

Laura: When does the challenge start and how are you feeling about starting it?
Baz: So we fly out to Berlin on 11th April with the challenge starting on the 12th April. We can’t wait, we just want to get started already!
Dom: There’s just a lot of excitement I think as well. Doing it as brothers and with our cousin means there will be a lot of laughs along the way but most definitely a few arguments as well!

Red Bull 3 Bro's

Laura: Are there any potential challenges you are worried about along the way?
Baz: I think one worry is the language barrier. Our cousin is fluent in French, so we will be fine in France. But we start in Berlin and none of us speak a word of German, so I think we will have to master a few phrases before we head off!
Dom: I’m coming back from America for this event where I’m coaching football (soccer) currently so jet lag is going to be my biggest enemy early on! And the change in weather as I will be used to 25 + degrees! Perhaps I will just have to save a couple of those red bulls for myself! Apart from that I can’t wait to get started. The more challenges the better.

Laura: Have you done anything similar to this before?
Baz: I took part in the TV programme Total Wipeout which I suppose is similar in the sense it’s quite a large scale competition. I don’t think that will help me much on this one though!
Dom: Going around the world on my “Gap Yah” is probably the most relatable thing I’ve done. I quite enjoy being completely out of my comfort zone and in a new area, but as Baz mentioned, the language barrier could be an issue. I’d like to think it being fairly Western Europe that we will get by just fine though.

Laura: Thanks for your time guys! Finally, how can we keep up with your adventure and is there anything else you would like us to know? Good luck!
Dom: No problem! We can’t wait for it all to begin and you guys can follow us every step of the way by checking our team page. You can find this on the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ teams page, shares of our posts help get us more points so we’d appreciate everyone’s help in that respect too!

You can keep up with Dom, Baz and Will’s progress in the competition by visiting their team page here.

Don’t forget to click share to help the team get more points! Good luck, lads!