Industry Insights: Dominic Paul, Make Up Artist

Dominic Paul, Make Up Artist

This month we talk to Dominic Paul, a make up designer who has got some incredible projects in his portfolio, including working on shoots for VogueIT, a front cover for VELVET and working with talents such as Graham Norton, Dakota Blue Richards and Laurie Stockley (Crystal Fighters). Dominic is also sharing his knowledge through teaching classes. We find out what it’s like to be part of this industry.

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Dominic Paul, Make Up Artist

Do you think the industry caters enough to darker skin tones?

Unfortunately only high-end brands to me cater for darker skin tones. Highstreet brands don’t do enough shades and the colours that they do have are always not 100% right. They either look too ashy on the skin or too yellow. It upsets me that those who have darker skin tones have to pay more money when it comes to finding there shades.

How did you get your big break?

I never really had a big break. I just kept going and never gave up and the more i said yes to things the bigger the work got for me.

Beauty inspiration?

I don’t really have a beauty inspiration. I always admire other peoples work. However, I do things the way I feel is right for my clients face.

Which celebrity always gets their make-up right?

Rosie Huntington Whitely does her makeup right! She always does the perfect amount of makeup that doesn’t look too much on the skin. But still gives you that polished and refined look.

The expanding male beauty market is…?

The male beauty market is huge now!! But that to me is because of social media. Instagram and Youtube have played such a big role in this and has made it acceptable for men to wear makeup.

Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?

My favourite instagram accounts are Jeffree Star and Patrick Starr. Their makeup is always on FLEEK!!

Most important item for a make-up artist?

Most important item for a makeup artist is face wipes.

Greatest achievement so far in your career?

My biggest achievement so far was doing Graham Nortons makeup. Always been such a big fan of his and to get the opportunity to work with him was an absolute honour. Such a talented man.

Dominic Paul Makeup Artist 

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