Get Out

The positive reviews are in making Get out the best rated horror for a long time! Not only is this film suppose to freak you out, but for all the ‘movie buffs’ out there Get Out actually has some social commentary in it as well!

Full Credits to Facebook

Full Credits to Facebook

Get Out is the newest horror film to hit our screens. It features an African American boy visiting his European American girlfriend’s family home as they have reached the ‘meet the parents’ stage in their interracial relationship. However, this sweet looking home town is not all it seems as it becomes apparent that the boyfriend may not be welcome in the neighbourhood. Take a look:

This movie has been described as a retro-horror and is meant to keep you in suspense for one and a half hours. Although, the thing that is giving the film its acclaim is the racial-savvy satire and social commentary that comes with it. Jordan Peele has made his directing debut with a unique and truly fearless project, creating a social critique as well as something entertaining, according to critics. The New York Post claims that the movie has none of the ‘rough edges’ you’d expect from a ‘rookie’ director.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it an unprecedented 99% and MetaCritic giving it a solid 83%, so it is a real contender for a good watch. The lead Daniel Kaluuya from Skins is a familiar face in the movie, so if you were a fan of the show, his new acting break might be of interest.

Overall, this movie is getting more credit for freaking you out with social critiques than jump scares and is bringing some much needed change to the horror genre!