Spooktacular: Halloween makeup looks you NEED to try this year!


 The spooky season is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only does Halloween mean trick-or-treating, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING and haunted houses, it gives us the excuse to go all out with scary and creative makeup trends that will have people running for their lives!

A fun makeup look is a great way to get involved with Halloween festivities. Ranging from amateur to expert creations, have a look through my 5 favourite Spooktacular looks to get those jaws-dropping this Halloween- and best of all, they won’t break the bank.

Creepy Pumpkin

Pumpkins are the epitome of Halloween. I have seen some pretty terrifying makeup looks across social media, all inspired by the classic Jack O Lantern, and while some have gone above and beyond in mastering this Halloween look, all you really need is some orange face paint, black eyeshadow and black eyeliner and there you have it. You can even add some orange glitter or gems to the sides of your cheeks to add a little glam to the look. Or, a bright orange wig!


Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Pennywise the Clown has been sending shivers down our spines for many years, and also provided us beauty enthusiasts with mega Halloween inspiration. Let’s face it, nobody likes clowns (even the famous ones) so why not dress up as one this spooky season? This look is simple to master yet so effective and will have people running miles! All you need some red and white face paint, a red eyeshadow and a red lipstick.

Double Vision

This double vision trend has been sprawled across social media and I am absolutely loving it. I first discovered this look on YouTube and was instantly mind blown! If you are a bit of an amateur with makeup looks, I would suggest something a little less complex, but if you are an expert behind a makeup brush- what’s stopping you? All you need is your everyday makeup products, your face and your set to go! You’ll have people double taking you all night long!

VooDoo Doll

WARNING: Not for the squeamish! This Voodoo inspired look is different and unique to any other Halloween makeup I have seen before. It can be made as complex or as simple as you wish. The detail of the stitching across the face and down to the heart is so realistic and spooky- perfect for the occasion! Some fake blood, red and black face paint and a black liquid liner will help create the illusion of gruesome, bloody gashes that will surely grab people’s attention this Halloween.

Pretty Pop Art

If you’re not into the bloody, gory Halloween looks- why not try something a little more innocent looking? Pop art is an art movement that was introduced in the 1950’s across Britain and the US; often associated with comic books and artists like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein. The block colours and thick black lines makes for a very simple yet effective makeup look which has made excellent Halloween inspiration. Buy yourself a bunch of face paints and a thick black eyeliner and you’re good to go. Who said you can’t look pretty on Halloween?

I hope you found something to fulfil all your spooky aesthetic needs. Remember to add #NerveSpooktacular to your photos to be featured in an article! Keep an eye out for the more articles from Nerve’s 2018 Spooktacular.