Five Step Guide: How to overcome festival blues


The autumn leaves have started to fall, we are back to routine, working, bombarded with school work, or starting University, just sat thinking, where has the summer gone?

I remember the first day of the summer as if it was yesterday and for some reason as we get older time flies. So instead of wasting our time waiting for the summer season to return, I am here to help you recover from your festival blues. My names Emily and I live in a little town called Edington which is just 20 minutes from the world known festival Glastonbury Festival. I am lucky enough to have attended this festival every year since I was in year 3.

    1. Hit the gym!

After attending big festivals such as Glastonbury, you may have walked over 50 miles and danced your socks off over the whole weekend, but the exercise should not stop there. There is now no excuse for you to stop moving. Once you have caught up on your sleep and rested your body, go for a walk, cycle ride or even join the gym. The autumn leaves are now covering the floor so the scenery will be stunning, put on a woolly coat, wrap a scarf around you neck and get some fresh air. In Bournemouth we are lucky enough to have the beach right on our door step. Boscombe Beach is also just a 9 minute drive away. Bournemouth gardens are also just a 5 minute walk away, where you can sit around gorgeous flowers and there is also an option to play mini golf.

In Bournemouth there are many gyms that you can join if that is the kind of exercise that you want to do. I joined The Gym – it is 14.99 a month or you can pay £99 for 8 months. If you wanted to just use it once, you can pay £6.99. Many students who I have spoken to attend the Better Gym which is next to ASDA. This gym costs £13.00 a month.

  1. Have a slight detox.

Detoxing your body after a long weekend of binge eating, drinking with very little sleep is a massive priority when it comes to overcoming your festival blues. Make sure to give yourself enough time to catch up on your sleep, a lack of sleep can really effect everything you are doing including your University work.

When you are at University, especially going through Fresher’s it is difficult to not drink but you can help what you eat the next day. Bournemouth gives you many options of restaurant’s you can go to provide you with healthy food. Yobu is one of my favourites as it is different and also a place you can sit and do your work.

  1. Avoid the downer.

It is very normal to feel down when you are trying to overcome the festival blues, you have just spent the whole weekend with your closest friends, in a field and listening to your favourite performers. You feel down because this event that you have been looking forward too has ended extremely quickly and you have to wait a whole year for it to come round again!

The best thing to do to avoid this downer is to keep yourself busy doing the things that you love, whether that’s seeing friends, listening to music or just doing something that makes you laugh, avoid spending time all on your own straight after a festival.

  1. Relive the music via you TV

Reliving your favourite festival highlights will either be the best or worst thing to do when you are trying to over – come your festival blues. Glastonbury Festival is lucky enough to be play most of the big acts on the television, so you are able to watch the whole festival from the comfort of your own home. Thank you BBC iPlayer. Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, snuggle up in your favourite pyjamas and re-watch your highlights.

Even just looking back through any pictures or videos that you took can bring you back to that magical place.

  1. Attend evening events that will remind you of your festival.

In Bournemouth we are all lucky enough to have concerts and events at the O2 arena and other nightclubs around the town. The last night of Fresher’s, Sigma played at Cameo Nightclub. This was a big event for all us students as Sigma is a well-known band that everybody knows at least one song of. This event brings back memories of the summer, listening to upbeat songs that we can all sing along too. Throughout the whole year there are many different acts playing which you can keep up to date with by following their Facebook pages or picking up the leaflets that are put under your flat door and are given out on the street.

This weekend O2 is holding a big event called Bedlam that many BU students are going too. Andy C, Skepsis, Dimension, Friction, Skepsis, Darkzy MCs, Tonn Piper, ID and Linguistics are all playing. All these acts have played at many festivals this year that students in Bournemouth would have already seen, this will continue your festival feels just like the last night of Fresher’s watching Sigma.

I hope these tips will help you recover from you festival blues. It will be festival season before you know it!