Gig Review: Dua Lipa, O2 Academy, Bournemouth


The gorgeous and ever-so entrancing Dua Lipa took to the stage at the O2 Academy on Friday and got every person in the room dancing along to her most popular tracks. 

The 22-year-old began her tour for her self-titled debut studio album last week and with Bournemouth only being her second stop, the energy she had was incredible.

The night, which had sold out weeks in advance, began with a performance from Grace Carter, a pop/soul singer. Her set was short but sweet and mainly consisted of ballads – quite a contrast from Dua, but her talent was clear.

At 9pm, without missing a beat, Dua Lipa bounced on to the stage to open with Hotter Than Hell. She wowed crowds and quickly led on to another of her top hits, Blow Your Mind (Mwah) with a small break in the middle to say her hello’s. She also included a nice nod to her Sean Paul track with a small rendition of her part in No Lie.

The pop singer performed energetically, jumping around the stage in her slinky top and blue wide-leg trousers until she took it down a notch with Thinking About You and other slow songs from her debut album.

The predominately young, female audience sang along to Genesis, Scared To Be Lonely and Last Dance before being left wanting more. Dua obliged and slowly walked on stage to beautifully sing Homesick, accompanied by a solo piano. This angelic performance was swiftly followed by Be The One and her number one single, New Rules, which received the biggest reaction from the crowd.

In what seemed to be a relatively small venue for such a star, Dua Lipa left the audience feeling empowered and confident. She truly looked like she wanted to be there and her talent is undeniable – she’s definitely one to watch.