Gig Review- Bring Me the Horizon at the BIC


(Picture credit: Marcus Maschwitz)

It’s a chilly Tuesday night in Bournemouth and not your usual day for a rock concert. Despite this, fans are ready to see one of the fastest rising bands of this decade, Bring me the Horizon. Love them or leave them the rock band have forced their way into major arenas around the UK, most recently the O2 Arena in London for a sell-out Halloween performance

The boy’s next stop on the “that’s the spirit” tour is right here in Bournemouth. The date was added after huge demand from the bands fans so it was expected that there would be some over excited youngsters jumping about. And if Bring me the Horizon wasn’t enough to attract people to the Bournemouth International Centre, the band brought with them Basement and Don Broco!

Basement start the ball rolling after the sound engineer asks the audience to force a scream (They needn’t have bothered asking), and to no surprise everything is well balanced. Although Basement’s material struggled to grab the crowds an attention, they play through there set with ease. However it seems the crowd don’t want to bite. The first support band get themselves a nice bit of exposure but as the clock closes in on 8pm the crowd remain largely underwhelmed.

In a quick turn around the boys from Bedfordshire’s arrive on stage. Ever since their early beginnings Don Broco have been rising up the live band ranks and this tour, really solidifies their position. Kicking things off with their latest single “everybody” they manage to get the crowd. Lead singer Rob Damiani has great stage presence and has no difficulty getting people on his side. Through the bands set you can tell the focus is on their most recent album “automatic’ a sound that resonates well with the Bring me the Horizon fan base.

Horizon stick to their roots by dipping back into the back catalogue with “Chelsea smile.

The back drop is fairly basic with most of the production waiting for the headliners. The real star of the show is drummer Matt Donnelly balancing a great groove with backing vocals, creating a great alternative to the lead. Dipping back into the high energy ‘actors’ from the band’s debut creates a frenzy in the crowd. Although it’s clear that this audience may not be their main fan base, the band  do a great job at winning people over with their own unique rock sound. A perfect way to describe Don Broco is inclusive they want everyone to have a good time and lift the whole place with great songs, musicianship and vocals. Tough to top but if anyone can do it it’s one of the biggest bands in the UK right now…

Now for the main event, Sheffield’s own bring me the horizon. A huge rattling bass plays and a stage is set up with multiple layers bursting into light, these boys have not simply come to play but to put on a show. Opening up with “happy song” the lead single of “that’s the spirit” explodes streamers everywhere (The BIC staff will enjoy cleaning that in the morning…)

From the balcony the audience’s movement changes and mosh pits open up the floor with ease, I wish I was down there with them. After crushing through the first series of songs with little fault the Yorkshire six piece command the crowd to give them back more and more energy.

Despite vocalist Oliver Sykes sometimes struggling to meet the live demands he does succeed in proving the extent to his voice and when he hits a note right he really hits it! After rattling through hits from the last 2 albums with extraordinary performances of songs; “sleepwalking”, “avalanche” and “can you feel my heart”. Horizon stick to their roots by dipping back into the back catalogue with “Chelsea smile.” The performance settles for a second whilst Sykes delivers a spoken word poem with a back drop of blooming flowers. All to set up the first song from their latest album ‘doomed,’ a song that shows how far this band have come by mixing all styles crazy and delicate. The set closes with “throne” which is greeted with one of the biggest cheers to surface in the BIC and the floor bounces with it. Will there be an encore? Of course there will be! With hits including “true friends”, “oh no” and finally “drown”. A brilliant set from the south Yorkshire boys showing that arenas are to fear them not the other way around. If the rest of the tour goes off without a hitch then maybe a Reading festival headline spot awaits.