Gig Review: Blossoms at the Old FireStation

blossoms 3

In one of their final performances of 2016, the indie rock band returned to the Old FireStation, however this time with a large following and a number one album.

A year ago the name Blossoms meant very little to the average student studying at Bournemouth University. If you had heard any of the band’s material you were either a dedicated listener of BBC Introducing or inconceivably hipster.

However, after embarking on a 2016 UK tour and reaching number one with their debut album, Blossoms quickly established themselves as the British band to watch. Therefore, the announcement that they would headline a live show at the Old FireStation (14/12/16) meant only one thing, a sell-out performance.

The evening started at 7.30pm, with the first of two supporting acts- Georgie, taking the stage. The Mansfield singer performed to half of the Engine room whilst many audience members still arrived and stocked up on pints. Despite this, Georgie’s voice had a certain grittiness to it and a likeness to singer Jake Bugg in style. She even successfully covered Janis Joplin, a risky move for any female singer, but she managed to pull it off. Her most interesting song Company of Thieves, was the perfect track to get the more enthusiastic audience members shaking.

Following Georgie, INHEAVEN took the stage. The four-piece grunge-band combined punk-style lyrics about anti-war and America with catchy rifts (Following the recent state of the world INHEAVEN’s angry lyrics appealed to audience members young and old). The band split the vocals between guitarist James Taylor and female bassist Chloe Little (A brilliant Punk name if ever there was one), which made the band all the more interesting to listen to. INHEAVEN performed a number of songs which got the audience moving and some of the more enthusiastic younger members of the audience moshing. It felt like the audience had discovered something special whilst watching this band and I must admit to downloading a couple of their songs following the gig. Their most memorable tracks were Baby’s alright and Regeneration.

After a short break in which I came to the realisation that I was surrounded by bowl cut hipsters in leather jackets, lights flashed around the venue and Blossoms swaggered onto the stage.

The band opened with At Most a Kiss, with its electronic introduction echoing around the room. Blossoms performed the song nearly a year ago in the Live Lounge and it felt like the audience was getting an even better quality version! They also went on to perform their hit song Getaway, which felt more personal than usual in such a small venue. The band performed eloquently together and sounded incredibly raw. You really got a sense of their friendship, five lads from Stockport making it big with their unique sound.

During the song Blow, the Lead singer pointed his microphone at the audience, who screamed:

“And it’s everywhere she goes, I don’t know if it’s love that she wants!” and “Oh yeah she blows!”

This was one of the evening’s highlights.

Ogden really added to the performance through his showmanship and interaction with the audience. He reminded me of a young Alex Turner, with his strong Northern accent and “I don’t give a f**k attitude.” Also the way in which he kept over pronouncing Bournemouth, whilst saying things such as “Are you still with me Bournemouth?” and “how you doing Bournemouth?” made it seem as though he really wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy the band. He also didn’t take himself or the band too seriously, chugging beers in between songs and having a joke with the audience.

Our Nerve Now Snapchat (@NerveNow) managed to capture one of Tom’s more hilarious moments…

Blossoms also acknowledged the season to be jolly, with Tom singing a solo cover of Wham’s Last Christmas before dipping into Oasis’s Half the Worlds Away, which featured on last year’s John Lewis advert. It was the perfect track to get everyone into the festive spirit.

Following this and an emotional acoustic performance of My Favourite Room the band closed the gig with their most popular song, Charlemagne. The track got the whole audience grooving and was the perfect end to an outstanding live show.