Game Review- Overwatch ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’


“Blizzard, have mercy on my wallet!” screams Nerve writer, Jack Richardson, as he takes a look at the latest spooky addition to the hit game …

It’s October meaning the influx of ‘Halloween special’ content is rolling out for every game under the sun. Some are good and some are bad. Fortunately Blizzard’s Overwatch falls into the prior and has been widely seen as a complete success. With the release of copious amounts of content, Overwatch fans have a lot to sink their fangs into. From the cosmetics and map variants to Junkenstein’s Revenge brawl, Blizzard have once again outdone themselves.

In a game with little narrative, Overwatch’s Halloween patch attempts to feed a storyline to its audience’s experience with ‘Junkenstein’s Revenge’. In this PvE (Player vs Environment) game mode you play a short match as one of four heroes  ‘The Archer, the Alchemist, the Soldier or the Oddity’. You are then slowly introduced to a multitude of villains wearing patch specific skins such as Pumpkin Reaper, Junkenstein and his Monster.

You fight through waves of ‘zomnics’ to protect the Eichenwalde castle whilst a ghostly Reinhardt narrates. The unique take on a zombie horde mode adds a complexity to Overwatch that some may say is missing. It also successfully added a co-operative story which has left the Overwatch community begging for more. It comes with three difficulties, easy, medium and hard, with hard actually being difficult which is refreshing in an age where games often spoon-feed their player’s!

Blizzard have also shown they are really listening to the Overwatch community (Hurray)! Making the Halloween exclusive skins purchasable, however they are 3x their usual credit price. An example would be the elusive Witch Mercy legendary skin that costs 3000 credits instead of 1000. It’s safe to say that Blizzard will be making a lot of money as people bulk buy these Halloween crates in the hopes of getting their favourite skins. Especially with the RNG (Random Number Generator) never being in your favour! Skins however were not the only thing added into the game! With the few highlight intros added and the handful of emotes such as Reinhart’s pumpkin smash, the in game experience is now a little bit more customisable which is never a bad thing. The R.I.P victory poses are also a work of art, with every character having a tombstone with hero specific items dotted around. There is nothing worse than losing to a team of 6 tombstones!


Overwatch gravestone image credits to Blizzard Entertainment

The Halloween update only fell short on one aspect; the in-game voice lines. With many of these not reflecting Halloween but instead including the word ‘Dead’ or ‘Kill’. These seem like they had been made with the intention of being added at a later date but have been forced into the game. They feel out of place and in a way disappointing but in this day and age, voice lines being the only issue in a Halloween event is not a bad thing! I would personally rate the update a solid 8/10! I’m Hooked!


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