Game Review – Destiny: Rise of Iron DLC

Nerve Entertainment’s Jago Corry takes a look at highly anticipated downloadable content for the online first person shooter.

Destiny has been a game that has held my interest since the beta launch in July 2014, due to its fusion of the RPG, MMORPG and FPS genres or ‘Shared-World shooter’ (Gamesradar, 2013). However, despite its controversial launch in 2014 the developers are back with the latest DLC ‘Rise of Iron’ released on the 20th September 2016. So is the DLC worthy for both new and experienced players? Does it improve on the 2014’s criticisms? I believe ROI does improve on storytelling, weapon balance (such as introducing the sidearm Meta) and endgame content however, it only serves as a gateway between Destiny 1 and the expected 2017 release of the second major iteration of the franchise.

Firstly, the expansion consists of eight story missions (two PS4 exclusives), three strikes, three crucible maps (one ps4 exclusive) and one crucible playlist. Players new to Destiny may find the content underwhelming for a £24.00 purchase however this is a part of the games philosophy. Due to its MMO influence the aspect of ‘grinding’ is notable in this franchise, those who played the early forms of Destiny will remember those hard nights of attempts to achieve that particular weapon, armour or role on a piece of gear. This aspect takes patience and time and if you are not prepared to invest hours into the game, you will not achieve its full potential and you should look for less time consuming games.

Rise of Iron should be seen as ‘another add-on’ rather than a complete overhaul of the game

Another aspect that the DLC highly succeeds in is it’s supply of endgame content through: Iron Banner (IB), Trials of Osiris (Trials), new raid and Plagueland zone activities such as Archon Forge all succeed in giving the most advanced destiny players more ‘grindy’ methods of gaining loot which serves as a key aspect of Destiny…loot. New players of Destiny should realise that loot or equipment is potentially the main source of fun in the game, much like most MMO’s or RPG’s where playing both pvp and pve modes will grant new weapons and armour with different perk rolls which enhance your characters ability to succeed in game mode. ROI’s new raid, IB and Trials all successfully allow for players to gain new loot therefore, playing PVP game modes can be incredibly engaging when played with friends and attempt to win against fellow players in the endeavour to cultivate competition.

In conclusion Rise of Iron should be seen as ‘another add-on’ rather than a complete overhaul of the game previous to ROI however, a gamer that enjoys putting over 100 (or even 1000) hours into a game should consider getting themselves stuck into Destiny due to its unique mixture of genres, potential for ‘couch gaming’ and captivating PVE and PVP content added in ROI. Finally, the franchise promises even more improvement in its planned 10 year developer cycle therefore gamers that are debating the purchase of ROI should consider the upcoming release of Destiny 2 due to its potential PC release, graphical improvements and expanding end game content.