The Freshers guide to Bournemouth 7s

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So, you may have heard about Bournemouth 7s during your time at BU or AUB but like a number of students, you may be unsure what the hype is about. Well before we tell you all the reasons why you should go, tickets are still on sale – so go buy one before it is too late!

The weekend festival has been described as ‘the sporting Glastonbury,’ with 30,000 party goers commuting from all around the UK. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the bank holiday bonanza, meaning it is expected to excel even more than usual. The action packed event will take place at Chapel Gate but is sure to carry on elsewhere after hours. The sports that compete during the day time are rugby, netball and hockey. But if you want to play sport socially, dodgeball is the one for you.

Whether you’re going for the sport, or music there is something for everyone, with 12 different party arenas. You can also expect a variety of music from up and coming bands and established headliners. From fancy dress to VIP tickets, you choose which type of weekend you want to have.


So, the first day is only an evening event, but can be a whole day of travelling for those commuting from around the country. This night is known as the ‘Player’s Party’ exclusively for sports players and campers. This means that if you only have a day or weekend ticket for the festival you will not be allowed in the venue until Saturday.

This evening is a taster of the exciting things to come, due to not as many people permitted in the venue there aren’t as many tents open. But do not be disheartened as this can be one of the best evenings, it gives you more space to run around wearing a Hooch hat and go on fairground rides. Also, after all the fun of the festival people head to The Old Fire Station for a night out.


Saturday, the day of dreams. After a heavy night on Friday, the 9am match kick off is the biggest struggle. You’ll fall out of bed into your sports kit, with a beverage in hand ready for match play in the beaming sun. The netball and hockey players will take to the AstroTurf, the rugby teams will play on the pitch whilst dodgeballers are in tents. All the athletes then go back home (or to their tents) have a quick change and are usually back drinking by 2pm.

But for those festival goers that give the actual sports bit a miss, you’ll rise and shine at about 11am to get ready to pre drink before a day full of activities. As soon as you walk into the event, your face is guaranteed to be covered in glitter, with a pint in each hand. You’ll probably spend the afternoon laying in a giant deck chair watching the world go by or diving into a ball pit in the hope of winning a free t-shirt.

Saturday is always the day when the big headliners perform. You’ll find yourself running from tent to tent, not being able to choose which bass drops the best and getting on your mates shoulders to get the attention of the singer you’ve loved for years.


If you thought you were hungover yesterday, today is worse. Nonetheless, you jump out of bed because there is way too much fun to be had and start drinking… hair of the dog and all! If you were keen enough to win some sports games you’ll be up and playing for another early start. But if not, you are sure to be sat in the sun with a cider in hand watching the rugby.

If you opted for a VIP ticket, you’ll have private toilets and front row seats to the rugby – so you can be that person everyone hates and stick your nose down to the peasants sat on the floor whilst you’re on a wooden bench.

The evening is similar to Saturday night, you’ll be given loads of freebies, and there will be music in all tents with food and drinks available. This is the final blow out of the weekend, and if the 1am event close is not enough time to party – head down to Walkabout for Snakebite Sundays.

Let me put it this way – especially for Bournemouth residents there won’t be many weekend festivals down the road from you, for a mere 40 quid. So, get your bum bags and sun cream to the ready for one of the best weekends of your summer.