First Impressions: Colourpop Cosmetics


Kylie Jenner has been accused of stealing their formula, they have a reputation for being one of the best makeup brands for those on a low budget, and they’ll ship just about anywhere. Colourpop Cosmetics is taking the world by a storm.

With free international shipping over $50, I just had to try it. Obviously this meant a massive make-up haul, considering the fairly low prices that Colourpop boast. So that’s how I ended up paying $54 for 3 eye shadows, 6 lipsticks, and a highlighter. But was it worth it?


I purchased three of the super-shock shadows in shades Koosh, Just Fur Fun, and Tinsel. Sadly, these shades have now been discontinued.

Koosh is light, metallic silver that is perfect for a more dramatic, glamorous look. Just Fur Fun is a light, sparkly pink that creates a fun and really glittery eye. It is fairly pale but by building up the shade a pinker colour overpowers the glitter, but it is perfect for just a pop of colour (excuse the pun) for a natural makeup look. Tinsel is a deep but glittery purple. I was originally expecting a lighter shade, but found that applying the colour softly created my preferred look.

All the shadows were soft and silky and easy to apply, both with a brush and without. If you’re looking for pigmented shades with a little shimmer, these are for you. If you prefer matte looks then I suggest trying the pressed powder shades.


As for the highlighter, I accidentally opted for shade ‘Might Be’ – I was originally planning to purchase a lighter shade. This is a much darker, rose-gold highlighter that I feared would be too bold against my ghost-white skin, and make me look like a glowing Wotsit rather than give me a perfected shine.

I suppose this is one of the risks when buying makeup online, not everything looks like the pictures and you run the risk of buying products that don’t suit you. However, I found that applying it very lightly and blending it adds a perfect pop of colour to my cheekbones. It is not necessarily something I would wear everyday, but it is a good add to my ever-growing collection.

Liquid lipsticks

I stretched my purse strings a little for six new liquid lipsticks. Out of these, five were matte and one had a satin finish. I opted for six completely different shades, some of which I had never tried on before but considering the fair price of $6 for one, it was worth taking advantage and diving into a new world of colour.

My personal favourites are Bumble, which is a warm rose shade that is to die for, and a nude-pink named Bianca that looks good with almost any makeup look. They are definitely my favourite picks at the moment, though I lavishly apply lip balm before putting them on as I find the formula too drying for my lips. I’d recommend that you do that too, but this does limit the length of time the lipstick lasts.

I also opted for a bright red shade called Succulent (which is currently sold out) and two shades that I found were perfect dupes to Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks. If you are seeking a cheap alternative to Jeffree’s Sagittarius and Masochist shades, then look no further. I can recommend Cheap Thrills and Bad Habit and personally guarantee that they look identical. You’re welcome!

As for the satin finish shade, I chose Wink. I do not know whether it is the colour or the finish that I don’t like, but something about this shade doesn’t look right on me. I found that I favoured the matte finishes to satin ones whilst swatching but that’s just personal preference.

Word of warning

However, it’s not just rainbows, smiles and matte lipsticks. I must advise you that some charges do sneak up on you. On the day of delivery, instead of a package I received a “customs fee to pay” note. This sent me to the other side of Bournemouth to pay a hefty £16 straight out of my pocket for importing goods from outside of the UK. So, do consider how much you’re willing to spend on Colourpop’s affordable cosmetics!