Find the perfect spring jacket for your body type


As we say goodbye to the colder weather, it’s time to swap your winter coat for a lightweight women’s jacket– perfect for warmer spring weather.

Whatever body type you have though, don’t limit yourself when it comes to style. However, we know that we all want to feel our very best when spring arrives so here is a quick round up of the classic body types and what works best for each if you’re looking for a little guidance.


You are likely curvy with a defined waist and a bust, so a jacket that is quite form fitting is best. Choose a single-breasted style coat with a skirted bottom and a thick belt to tie it all together and to show off your waistline.


Your frame is small, which means you don’t want a jacket that is going to drown you and cover your body completely. Choose a style that doesn’t extend below your hips, as this can make legs appear shorter than they are – a bomber jacket would look great. Although black coats look good on petite women you can also enjoy bolder and brighter colours.


A dramatic collar that draws the eyes towards your shoulders is a good choice. People with a pear-shaped figure tend to have sloped shoulders, which is why a jacket with shoulder pads will enhance them. A straight coat that is either waist length or three quarters just covering your hips and the bum area will help balance you below the waistline and avoid making you look bulky.


It’s a good idea to avoid double-breasted coats and instead choose linear shapes that feature a V-neck. This streamlined look will keep you warm without hiding away your figure. Avoid short jackets with shapeless fits. Zips can be flattering but look for a coat with an asymmetrical zip that won’t pull over your bust.

Short Torso

Blazers are your go-to option. They flatter various different body types but short torsos the most, as they help elongate this area of your body. Pick a hem that doesn’t sit too far past your hips, so that you can show off the length of your legs.

Apple shaped

A tailored coat that nips in at the waist will give the illusion of a smaller middle. Look for a coat with a deep V neckline, so that it draws the eyes upwards. A mid-length coat is a good choice, as your hips are the widest part of you and this will avoid making them look wider. Try a coat with vertical stripes if you want to appear taller and slimmer.

Now you know which coat style works well for your body shape you will never have to spend hours shopping for that perfect style again. But remember, don’t stick too rigidly to these ‘rules’. Look for a jacket that makes you feel good, that still keeps you warm if the weather turns and that works for whatever you have planned this spring.

This post is in association with Superdry.