Festival Friday: Glastonbury

Greenpeace, Glastonbury 2017. Photograph by Hope Frost.

Welcome back to Festival Friday! The festival season may be fading fast, but this year there was no shortage of festivals, new and old. With this year’s Glastonbury being one of the hottest since the festival began, this year was a little out of sorts. However, it delivered incredible food, over 70 stages, craft stands and even power-ballad yoga. Here’s a little rundown…

47 years ago, Glastonbury festival began at Worthy Farm; a 2 day festival with 1,500 people in attendance. It cost £1, plus free milk from the farm. This year however, 135,000 people attended and tickets were £238. A small price to pay to be transported to this week of eclectic weirdness.

Photograph by Hope Frost.


Anyone and everyone. Glastonbury suits everyone from the 1 month old baby staying next to me in a caravan, to the 90 year old woman I saw walking around in the nude at stone circle. There’s a kids field with free crafts and shows (including an appearance from Basil Brush), 70+ stages of music of all kinds and the all night parties at Shangri-La. You won’t want to leave.

West Holts Stage, picture by Hannah Gibbins


Yes, tickets are perhaps the most expensive festival tickets in the UK at £238, but if you make the most of it you definitely won’t regret the pay out.

Loads of activities are free, like the skateboarding ramp and showers at Greenpeace, the kids field and the travelling DJ booths you come across at every corner, so you can spend minimal money while you’re there.

Food varied, although many trucks held £5 meal stickers in their windows so there was always an option to spend as much or as little as you want.

The Stone Circle before all the public arrived. Those who put Glastonbury together enjoy some peace and quiet before the mayhem.


The weather was amazing. If anything, too hot. But it completely changed the experience that could have been horrible. There’s something for everyone. Turn every corner and you’ll stumble upon astrologist tents, spas, jewellery-making stands and yoga classes. You could go the whole weekend without seeing a single music act and be confident in the fact that you have had an incredible time and got your money’s worth. At night, walk into a hedge and find a secret bar, complete with the biggest disco ball you have ever seen and hanging mushrooms.

A secret bar in a hedge, only at Glastonbury.

Something that was incredible was that originally Glastonbury was going to put a ban on selling plastic bottles this year and instead have water-filling stations at every corner free-of-charge. However, due to the incredibly hot weather (33 degrees at 3 in the afternoon in a tent… fun) they had to change this plan. I look forward to them putting this into place in the future, though.

Shangri-La offers entertainment into the late-early hours, including a club inside an old London tube. Every year there’s a different theme, it’s not a ‘once you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it’ affair. Arcadia, the stage in the shape of a spider puts on an incredible Metamorphasis show every day. You can hear the blasts from everywhere in the festival and it’s not something to be missed. Half an hour of jaw-dropping acrobatics, lights and pyrotechnics and then dance until the sun comes up. Have a little watch here. Highlight of the weekend.

Shangri-La was recycling themed this year, and they went all out.

Short film showing nuclear missiles launching at Shangri-La, a light-hearted watch.

It was also surprisingly smooth to get in and out, considering the amount of people.

I could go on forever…


It is a huge festival, so I understand that for some people it will be too large and overwhelming. Because there’s so much to do, as well, you feel as though you’re rushing around trying to get everything in. However, my advice would be don’t rush around, just go again!


Everything from headliners, The Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Ed Sheeran, Stormzy & BBK, Loyle Carner, Father John Misty, The XX, Major Lazer, Dizzee Rascal, Shaggy, The Big Moon, Warpaint, Justice and even Jeremy Corbyn. Just to name a few.

Jeremy Corbyn atttracted one of the biggest crowds of the weekend at the Pyramid Stage


What a silly, silly question. I will be first in line for tickets in 2019…