EU Referendum confirmed for June


The Prime Minister David Cameron has confirmed the EU Referendum date for Thursday 23rd June, when the UK is to vote whether to stay in the EU or leave.

Cameron described the historic announcement as “the decision in our lifetimes” yesterday morning in Downing Street, following this weeks negotiations in Brussels.

The PM said he would be campaigning for Britain to stay as a member of EU and that he has the Cabinet’s support.

He encouraged the public to support the UK’s membership in the EU, providing Britain with better safety, security and easier trade.

Also, the majority of Conservative Party, Labour Party, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Liberal Democrats are in the favour of staying, however, there are a fair number of individual ministers in favour of the exit.

The home Secretary Theresa May is a strong supporter for staying in the EU alongside other high-profile ministers such as Mr Osborne, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin.

UKIP represents the main opposition, campaigning to leave the EU.

The two main campaigns of Euroscepctic groups in favour of an exit are Leave EU and Vote Leave, these groups claim that Britain is being held back by the EU, imposing too many rules and regulations for businesses.

They have also called for Britain to take total control of its borders and migrant flow.

According to the latest opinion polls the public are mostly split as to whether they should stay or leave.

Photograph of of a person walking past the EU flag

Cameron highlights the importance of staying as a member of the EU after agreeing a package of changes with other EU state members in Brussels.

The deal will take place immediately if the UK stays in the EU after June’s vote.

The key elements of the deal include agreements over welfare and child benefit payments to migrants, Britain’s right to keep the pound and to opt-out of the Eurozone.

There will also be a stronger protection for the City of London and a promise that the UK will have stronger sovereign control over laws made in Brussels.

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