Endangered dolphin was “already dead” when taken out of the sea for selfies


It was originally believed beachgoers were to blame for the dolphins death, however one of the tourists who took the pictures has now claimed that it was “already dead”.

When upsetting videos and images emerged yesterday of a young dolphin being pulled from the water for selfies with dozens of beach-goers, there was outrage on social media with people condemning the actions of the tourists and blaming them for killing the animal.

It was thought that the dolphin would have overheated and died of dehydration when out of the water.

This is due to the fact that dolphins have thick skin and fat layers which help to keep them warm in colder waters, however this might not have been the case.

Photogrpaph of the washed up dolphin

An Argentine Wildlife Foundation said that two dolphins were found by the beach-goers and that at least one of them was dead.

However, according to an interview with Argentinian news outlet Telefe Noticias,tourist Hernan Coria said that the dolphin in the pictures was just one of many corpses Photograph of beach-goers passing the dolphin aroundwashed up on the beach that day.

He said that people tried to take it back to the water but that it wouldn’t swim away and that there was no lifeguard on duty to help.

The dolphin that washed up in the Argentinian beach resort of Santa Teresita, south of Buenos Aires, was a baby Franciscana, a breed vulnerable to extinction with only 30,000 of them left in the wild.

The Franciscan dolphin is one of the smallest in the world measuring between 1.3m and 1.7m, due to its size they often get caught in fishing nets with thousands dying that way every year, as a result it is believed that as a breed they could be gone in thirty years.

The wildlife foundation said they are only found in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

The Vida Silvestre Foundation, a conservation group, said afterwards that in the future people should just return the animals to the water if they are found stranded, saying that it is vital humans help rescue these animals.

The Mundo Marino Foundation added that regardless of the condition of the dolphin, the tourists should have left it alone and called the authorities.

Only those on the beach will know wether the dolphin was dead or alive when pulled out of the sea but here’s a YouTube video which helps show what happened.