Before the End of Year: Dorset Day’s Out


 Whether you are graduating or heading back to Bournemouth next September, completing an academic year always feels like things are coming to an end. Whilst you may have a summer full of wanderlust, there’s plenty to do right in here in Dorset before you go. From the best-rated beaches in the UK to a nature filled New Forest, there’s definitely places you should visit before the year is over.

1.Durdle Door

Durdle Door – one of the most pictured sites in Dorset

If you haven’t been to Durdle Door you absolutely must. Or, if you have, it’s definitely too beautiful to only visit once. One of the most famous sights on the Jurassic Coast, it has outstanding panoramic views not to be missed. You will definitely wonder how it’s impossible that it’s situated in England. Around an hour’s drive away from Bournemouth, it’s a fairly cheap day out. The view really is the only form of entertainment you need. Just remember to put on comfortable shoes, it’s not an easy walk! But don’t let that put you off, it’s one the most photographed landscapes along the coast. So, at the very least your Instagram will thank you for the trek.

2. Bridport Market

Inevitably, with such beautiful sea-view scenery, most of the things to do in Dorset involve heading to the beach. If you’re after something a bit different, Bridport Market is a place you need to go. Located in an old-fashioned town, you will be faced with a charm that you won’t find looking at sea-views. From food to furniture, this busy market has plenty on offer. There’s also lots of bargains that your student budget will love.

3. Beaulieu Village

New Forest – an absolute must-visit in Dorset

There’s no doubting that the New Forest is a perfectly picturesque destination, but what you might not know is that the towns within it are too. A charming little village, Beaulieu is packed full of tiny shops and quaint tea-rooms. The exact way you would imagine a town surrounded by forests to be, it’s the perfect pit stop when you’re exploring. Sit down with a cream tea and for the small price of £5 you will forget all the woes of the student lifestyle.

4. Brownsea Island

Another destination that is hard to imagine exists in England, Brownsea Island is basically like entering another world. Stepping away from our technology-obsessed lives, visiting the island forces you to be at one with nature. Whilst it may sound dull, it’s actually more than likely to be the peace and quiet you need. Let’s face it deadlines a stress you need a break from. Costing you £7.50 enter, plus the travel fee to get there, it’s a reasonable price to pay to see the incredible sights it has to offer. Plus, how can you put a price on escaping the workload worries for a day?

Weymouth Harbour – definitely a Dorset gem

5. Weymouth Harbour

If you’re looking for a packed-full day, Weymouth Harbour is a great place to visit. With a town of shops, a long stretch of beach and a picturesque harbour there’s lots of different ways to spend the day. There’s also plenty of places to eat, coffee shops to drink in and ice cream parlours to get your sugar fix. Plus, the pubs on the harbour have an incredible atmosphere on a sunny evening. If the rest didn’t persuade you, a drink in a lively ambience and complimentary view definitely will.