Before The End of Term: Bournemouth’s Best Brunches


 Another week gone by means one step closer to the end of the term. Whilst this probably means you’re spending every day in the library frantically trying to meet your deadlines, Nerve is here to persuade you to take a break. And, what better way to escape than a good breakfast. Home to some seriously good grub, there are plenty of brunch gems in Bournemouth for you to explore. Difficult to narrow down, here are just five of Bournemouth’s best brunches.

1.Freida’s tearoom

It’s no secret that we can’t get enough of this little place. You will find us raving about its afternoon tea here. But, it turns out it also puts on a pretty spectacular brunch spread too. With the menu offering eggs every way you could ever imagine, pastries, porridge and berry smoothies there’s plenty to chose from. Plus, the bread has that delicious homemade taste that you just can’t beat. Less pricey than a lot of other brunches, you really cannot go wrong with Fredia’s.

2. Conto Lounge

If in doubt, Conto Lounge is always a safe, but enjoyable option. With a menu that has something for everyone it definitely wins on variety. The prices are reasonable, and you can even get a deal with your coffee or tea. The food itself is consistently good, with impressive portions and good quality ingredients. And, if that wasn’t enough, the food is undeniably an Instagram-worthy snap.

3. Little Pickle Deli

This isn’t the first time that we are sharing our love for Little Pickle Deli. A review of the cafe itself can be found here. But, now it’s time to rave about their brunch. Firstly, the best bit about this choice? It’s about as local as you can get. Yes, the food is all sourced locally, but the breakfast options are also named after local places too. From the Hengistbury Head Breakfast to the Boscombe Banger Sandwich, there’s definitely something different about this brunch.

4. The Skinny Kitchen

Whilst brunching may be fun, we unwillingly have to remember that we have work to do too. Luckily, both tasks can compliment each other well if you pick your brunch wisely. Far from the greasy Whetherspoons fry up that puts you in a coma, The Skinny Kitchen will set you up for a productive day perfectly. With multiple combinations of healthy foods to help your brain function, it’s the ultimate power breakfast.

5. South Coast Roast

Whilst good food is essential to a quality brunch, the coffee that goes with it is pretty important too. That’s where South Coast Roast comes in. With real quality coffee and staff willing to make it exactly how you like it, it’s definitely the place to get your morning coffee fix. Plus, the food on offer is fresh and delicious. And, if that wasn’t enough, it has a lovely atmosphere that you just cannot seem to find in chain restaurants!