Drink up this Summer Ball!

Summerball bar

So, everyone is buzzing, you’ve bought your glitter, your outfit is prepared, pres playlist is all sorted… but you can’t take any bottles in, so how are you going to get water without it costing the world this Summer Ball?

After the devastating events that occurred at last weekend’s Mutiny Festival, not helped by the fact that their water taps broke and the tents ran out of bottled water, it’s never been more important to remember to keep safe this Summer Ball. With the weather expecting to reach 21°C, VKs being only £3.00 and beer and cider only £3.50 it’s a recipe for good old-fashioned dehydration. There’s no way you’ll make it to the 5am survivor photo at Bournemouth Pier without a bottle of the good stuff (and by good stuff I mean water), and there’s no way you’ll last the entirety of Artwork’s four hour set either.

Where can I buy water?

It’s important to make sure to have enough money with you to buy a bottle of water in there. You can then refill it at any of the 12 on site bars. Just remember to fill it up when you’re grabbing a VK! You should never have to pay for tap water at the bars, so make the most of it! But yes, water is really expensive in any festival (last year a bottle cost up to £7!!), so we suggest grabbing a bottle and refilling it, or asking for a cup when at the bar. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later (and so will your organs).

Take this on board and tell your friends as well, hopefully it will prevent the absolute liabilities peaking too early (never a good look) and needing to be taken home at 11pm, by none other than you, the ‘sensible’ one.

Nagging over, but be safe and we will see you in there!

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