Dr Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love: REVIEW


Since Love Island 2017 finished, the Islanders have been up to all sorts. With winners Amber Davies and Kim Cetinay picking up modelling deals and the latter alongside Chris Hughes due for a spin off ITV show, the future is looking pretty bright for the finalists and not limited to just a couple of sponsored posts on Instagram.

HOWEVER, one thing we were not expecting was a BOOK  and its come from none other than the doctor himself, Marcel Somerville, who had been with coupled up with Gabby Allen for most of the show.

The book itself titled: “Dr Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love” has been hailed by many as a “love bible” so it was only right that we get our hands on it. We also sat down and had a very interesting conversation with Love Island’s very own DR MARCELLLLLL where he answered all sorts from his BIGGEST Love Island regret to he would pick if he had to pick between Chris Hughes or Kim Cetinay… You can watch the full interview here.

“Dr Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love” is a light and playful read in a very conversational tone. At times, you can almost hear Marcel himself reading out tips on what do if you feel like you’re being “mugged” off amongst many other love based scenarios. No honestly, its like having your own pocket Marcel.

The book itself covers a range of different subject areas. From Marcel’s previous relationships to his time in the villa, his Little Book of Big Love is somewhat a modern testament to what relationships mean in the 21st century.

A large portion of the book consists of Marcel answering questions such as:

“Dear Dr. Marcel, my boyfriend is great but one of his mates is so extra. He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him and it’s making things really awkward. What can I do?”

So you know, all the questions you genuinely want to know (genuinely, no sarcasm intended).

Admittedly, Marcel Somerville won’t be taking Dahl’s or Blackman’s spot anytime soon BUT that being said, that blatantly is not what he is trying to do. The tone of this is meant to be relaxed and easy to read and we at Nerve strongly suggest you pick up a copy and take a glance. If you’ve ever wanted a one on one with Marcel, the book is your next best thing.

To get your hands on the book, you can preorder it now from Amazon as a hardback copy or electronically on Kindle.

Dr. Marcel’s Little Book of Big Love by Marcel Somerville out 24th August RRP £12.99 (Blink Publishing)