Dorset MIND x Nerve: Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes

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Yesterday was #WorldMentalHealthDay, and while it is always important to encourage speaking openly about mental health, we hope that you all found it a great opportunity to open up conversation. Nerve and Dorset Mind collaborated on an amazing project to get you all talking about the mental health of students.

“My name is Jonny Benjamin  and in 2008, as a 20 year old student, I was talked out of taking my own life. Unfortunately, in 2015, 134 students in the UK weren’t as lucky. And that’s what you can see here; 134 pairs of shoes, each replicating one of those British students who sadly took their own lives.

#WorldMentalHealthDay BU 2018

“A man called Neil managed to talk me out of jumping from a budge that day. Speaking about your mental health is so important and quite literally has saved my life.

“Nerve and Dorset Mind are wrking together for the coming year to encourage conversation around mental health and provide a platform for you to listen to advice and guidance. If you need any support of advice, there are also several student services to use onsite at Bournemouth University for you to use.

“If you need immediate help, please do call the Samaritans today for free from any phone on 116 123. We can all help too by continuing to encourage the conversation around mental health in our lives.”

“Don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.”

You might not know just what they are going through.

If you feel your mental health is suffering please contact Student Wellbeing at SUBU, call Samaritans on 116 123 (free from ANY phone), or one of the other options suggested by Dorset Mind.