Donald Trump in the lead for Republican Presidential Candidate


Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump won in Nevada’s candidate vote yesterday, making him lead in the race for party nomination.

The aim of the races in the coming months is to determine which candidates will stand for the two main parties in the November presidential election.

Donald Trump is now in the lead for Republican candidate after also winning in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Competition in the Republicans for Trump are senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who are fighting for second place. Many believe that for them to become real completion to Trump one of them would need to pull out or make way for the other. This is unlikely from candidates of opposite sides of the party.

Trumps lead of 45.91% and 34,531 voters is far in front Marco Rubio who has 23.85% (17,940 votes) and Ted Cruz who is close behind with 21.38%.


On the 27th of February the South Carolina primary vote for Democrat candidates will take place followed by ‘Super Tuesday’ on the 1st March which will have 15 states choose their party candidates, giving Trump the chance to win a quarter of all nominating delegates.

The Republic and Democratic convention’s will take place in July where their nominees are picked ready for the US Presidential election on the 8th November.

It was the third caucus Nevada had hosted since the process was introduced to the state in 2008 and the party seemed unprepared for such a large turn out.

Ballot shortages and claims some voters’ ID’s not being checked properly lead to accusations of double voting which party officials said they were looking into.

One of Trump’s ideas since he announced his presidential campaign last June calls for a wall being built along the boarder of Mexico therefore it is not surprising that Latino americans only made up 9% of the republican vote in Nevada whereas 17% voted in the Democrat election on Saturday.

A large margin of Latino’s voted democrat however 9% is still surprising for the candidate that called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘criminals’.

In his winning speech Trump spoke of triumph due to the latino vote as well as the highly and poorly educated. In his speech Trump made a point of saying ‘I Love the Poorly Educated’.