Doctor Jailed for 22 Years for Child Sex Abuse

Royal Arms on Cambridge Crown Court taken by Keith Edkins

Dr Myles Bradbury, 41, has been arrested for sexually abusing 18 boys left in his care. He has been jailed for 22 years for committing 25 offences including sexual assault and voyeurism.

Bradbury worked as a paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. His patients were seriously ill with illnesses such as haemophilia and leukaemia. The boys were aged from 10 to 16 and some of them have since died.

The trial occurred yesterday at Cambridge Crown Court. Judge Gareth Hawkseworth described Bradbury as “grotesque” and said he was the worst paedophile he had ever seen for betraying the trust of the vulnerably ill patients. He only gave Bradbury 22 years because of his guilty pleas.

He was arrested a month after being suspended from the hospital. This happened because concerns about the doctor were raised.

Detectives are currently working to see if there are many more children who have been abused by the doctor. Police who raided his home say that Bradbury did everything to hide his offences. His laptop has been recovered but the hard drive has been removed which could mean that Bradbury did more to the victims.

Bradbury abused the children behind a curtain even while their parents were in the same room. He also took photos of some of them on a spy pen.

He has been placed on the sex offenders list for life. Because of this, Bradbury will never be able to see his daughter, who was born during the police investigation, without supervision. He will never work as a doctor again.

Bradbury also worked in other parts of the country, including Birmingham Children’s Hospital.