Date Style Decoded


We all know how a cliché seasonal romance goes: snuggling down together to watch your favourite films on cold nights; drinking spiced hot chocolate from that popular coffee chain that seems to appear on every corner; long strolls in the park on a snowy day, you know the drill.

Despite this idyllic image, I’m sure none of us are strangers to the struggles of single life over the festive period – even if the majority of guys refuse to admit it.

While your mind may boggle at the ins and outs of the dating game, that’s no excuse to let this uncertainty transfer to your wardrobe too!

Taking inspiration from Silva’s female style guide of ‘Date Night Essentials’ from back in February (the month where love truly takes over), here are a handful of key looks to help the fellas also slay style-wise during this intense dating season.

The First Date

It can be difficult to decipher an appropriate look for the first meet up. You’ve probably been chatting on social media for quite some time leading up to the big day, not to mention stalking your date’s online profile 24/7. So it’s essential that you can talk the talk, and not just walk the walk.

Want my advice? Try to strike the perfect balance between smart and casual. Chances are you’re either going to be meeting for a relaxed dinner or drinks (‘relaxed’ being the key word), so it may seem slightly odd to rock up in a full tuxedo, James Bond style.

Opting for a slick and effortless look will give you a sure winner. Choose a dark and single colour palette for a simple, yet irresistible appearance. Take inspiration from this turtleneck and slim jeans combo. Staying mysterious with these plain garments will allow you to gradually reveal your true personality as the date proceeds.

A turtleneck is a number one wardrobe must for guys when pulling together the smart/casual vibe; comfortable yet dressy, the perfect combination. Having a classic duster style coat on hand is also a smart move.  You may be burning with excitement to meet the girl of your dreams, but the chilly weather waits for nobody!

“Let’s hang out”

One of the most cryptic invites ever encountered. Is this a mere friend zone meet up? or is this date territory? Unfortunately, it’s down to you to work that one out.

However, fear not, help is at hand for you to hedge your bets in the style stakes.

Denim is a life saviour for any daytime dilemma, including this one. Liven up your favourite hoodie with a faded denim jacket on top, the contrast in textures will work wonders and give you that all-important edge. Finish off with a pair of sporty kicks to ensure your boyish, playful charm still shines through, and she’s guaranteed to fall head over heels!

Just Chillin’ 

Whether you’re having a lazy pyjama day to recover from the night before, or inviting your girl round for ‘Netflix and chill’, comfort is a top priority. Opt for thin garments and loose layers- just in case you find yourself getting hot under the collar.

The classic t-shirt/shirt combo is a go-to for hours spent lounging. You may feel more overdressed than you’re used to when lying around watching TV in your underwear, but your date will definitely be impressed that you took the effort to change out of your Sunday scruffs.

Team a plain cotton tee with a plaid shirt and jeans for the perfect, hassle-free outfit, and throw on with ease just in time for your date with destiny. If you’re feeling confident, try a statement slogan tee instead, and let your chosen words do the talking for you.

Date Night

The special night you’ve been looking forward to for weeks has finally rolled around, one of the rare occasions that you can wear your fanciest garments with pride. But deciding just what to piece together for your rare date night can be tricky when you’re used to wearing jeans and a tee 24/7.

If you don’t happen to own one already, investing in a trendy suit will be a game changer. Stray from the traditional colour of black and perhaps try a lighter shade for your two-piece, just like this grey combo; making you stand out from the crowd with this slightly more daring choice.

By also choosing cropped trousers and a 3/4 length sleeved jacket, you’ll be updating the look with a young and fresh vibe- so don’t worry, there’s no danger of looking like your dad in his work uniform.

Finally, slide on a pair of leather (or at least ‘leather look’) loafers for a modern twist and voila, a transformation from daytime casual to nighttime chic!