Cost conscious blogger flies home to Essex via Berlin

jordan cox

A cost-conscious teenager found the perfect way to save on his journey home from university.

By booking a flight via Berlin Jordan Cox cut the cost of his travels.

Travelling back from university can be costly if you move far from home. We all want to make our money go as far as possible living as students, costly train fairs can be frustrating.

18 year old consumer blogger, Jordan Cox, managed to fit in a day trip to Berlin and save £7.72 by flying home instead of getting the train.

Jordan realised it would cost him £50 to travel from Sheffield to Shenfield in Essex by train but if he “went the extra 1,017 miles” he could fly via the German capital for a short trip and save money.

Jordan blogs on and posted his a short video of his journey. He could buy a return train ticket to Berlin city centre, enjoy a free tour of a government building and lunch while he was out there and still save money.

Going by train the young blogger would have spent £51.79 including lunch and transfers, his decision to fly meant he could spend a lower £44.07 including transfers, lunch and sight seeing.

Rail fairs in the UK have only been getting more expensive so there are many other instances where taking a short trip to Europe can be the cheaper way of getting home.

Going from Bournemouth to Liverpool by air can work out £40 cheaper than going there by train – as long as you’re prepared to go via Mallorca.

A rail ticket from Bournemouth to Liverpool will set you back £113 according to However, someone willing to set out earlier, take a bus to Bournemouth Airport then fly at 09:10 to Mallorca and on to Liverpool John Lennon Airport will pay £72.31.

Mr Cox has commented that he definitely wouldn’t do his journey like this every time. It takes much longer but is definitely worth it if you have the time to explore.

When you have finished University for the semester this would be a fantastic way to get home and fit in a bit of travelling. You could always extend the trip to weekend away with friends.

Other Train savings include:

  • London to Bristol – Ryanair flights via Dublin: £14. South West train: £41.
  • London to Manchester – Ryanair flights via Milan: £33. Virgin train: £101.
  • Bristol to Newcastle – Ryanair flights via Dublin: £14. Cross Country train: £74.

Why not give it a go? It’s a perfect way to cut the cost of travelling home and do sight seeing in the process!