Conor Maynard at HALO


Conor Maynard came to Bournemouth on 13th October and gave a HALO performance that got the whole club dancing.



We know Conor Maynard, as that guy from Brighton who became famous for his singing on YouTube; transforming famous songs into his own passionate and full-of-feeling covers. But something very different happened on the HALO Stage on 13th October. He left behind that shy ‘sweet guy’ persona and became a full of energy performer.

conormaynard1The night was an overall success with Maynard bringing the crowd a fun set they could dance to all night. The scene was pretty simple, just Conor, one DJ who supported throughout the show, and a man on the drums in a very plain background; minimalist which worked for the venue. He played his famous covers like “Trap queen” but also some original songs like “Animal” and his track with Ne-Yo “Turn around”.

It was a shame that Conor´s voice didn´t live up to the expectations from some of his songs, which definitely made Conor look like he was miming some of the words (this is a HALO performance not Lip Sync Battle Conor!) However, he left all his energy on stage creating an incredible atmosphere where the public danced and cheered while Conor was playing those tunes you can’t help dancing to!

One of the best moments of the show was when the atmosphere chilled and Conor began an acoustic vibe version of Drake’s ‘One Dance’. This being one of his most well-known covers, the calm break soon returned to its hot hit original state bringing the crowd up even more.

Unfortunately, the performance was a little bit short, around 40 minutes, bearing in mind that HALO was opened since 10 pm until 3 am. This was slightly disappointing as we all wanted more Maynard. Even so, in general, it was a great concert and the audience, myself included went home happy.