Concern for local Rough Sleepers this Winter


With temperatures dropping as low as 1° this week there has been a rise in concern for those sleeping rough in Bournemouth and Poole this winter.

Poole Council Chiefs have stated their concern over the seven known rough sleepers in the borough and encourage residents who witness rough sleepers to contact Streetlink, a national initiative to help those without shelter, on 0300 5000 914. By calling this number council workers will be able to provide assistance to those in need.

Alongside this, a campaign was introduced not to give cash to rough sleepers but instead, locals are encouraged to call the Streetlink help line or use the phone app  where the council can then help give food. The council have raised the importance of buying a licensed copy of ‘The Big Issue’ rather than giving the homeless cash donations in hand.

Between April and June this year both Bournemouth and Poole’s council teamed up with a Crime Reduction initiative which enabled the Dorset Councils to get 87 people off the streets. This initiative also includes return home funding for those non-local to Bournemouth. This team provides daily outreach to those who are homeless on the streets and have access to   emergency accommodation, counselling and advice.

To donate money to a local charity this Christmas,view the CRI just giving to ensure that homeless people can get help.