Cider tasting at The Stable


A few members of the Nerve team got to try out The Stable’s cider tasting experience recently and here’s why everyone needs to try it…Even if you don’t like cider. 

In celebration of vegan month, this occasion at The Stable was full of vegan ciders, pizzas and even brownies (which were all delicious by the way).

I was apprehensive to say the least. I enjoy getting drunk but I don’t actually like to drink. Most things just taste repulsive to me, especially cider. However, with ten of them on the menu for the tasting session I was sure I’d find at least one I liked.

We began with a mulled cider which was one of my favourites. A festive and warm drink to get us all in the mood for the evening, which was hosted by Beth, the cider master at The Stable in Bournemouth.

Beth was informative, funny and never boring. She told us just how cider was made and explained various different processes but always kept it fun, which is really appreciated when you’re mainly there to drink.

The drinks

First on the list was a dark cider that was quite fruity, followed by a sparkling cider that I gave a 10/10 and we were also given the chance to taste a cider gone wrong – to pinpoint what not to do when brewing your own.

We slowly made our way down the list of ciders throughout the two hour long evening with help from Beth. Truth be told, some were disgusting to me but there were also some delicious and fruity concoctions.

It was surprising to me that I could find this alcoholic beverage so tasty. However, it’s probably my fault for only ever trying Strongbow or whatever the cheapest bottle was at the Co-op. Who knew ciders were so different, with such different tastes, smells and textures. I’d advise anyone to try this experience to open their eyes to the world of cider a little more.

The evening

Troughout the night you mark a score out of ten for each tipple and write any notes you’d like – which is something to have fun with and can be a great laugh with friends.

We ended the night with a feast on vegan pizzas, brownies and a ‘chocolate chip pizza’ which isn’t even on the menu – fancy huh.

Although this speciality vegan night was a one-off, The Stable are happy to host cider tastings at a range of prices. Their cheapest being a £15 experience that includes 10 of their best ciders as well as cheese and crackers – a bargain if you ask me.

The most expensive is only £30 and includes all of the above as well as pizzas, charcuterie, brownies and cider brandies. The entire time I thought how perfect this event would be for a society or special celebration with friends – be sure to check it out!