Crackers for Christmas Food!


A Christmas dinner would not be complete with so many things, but as we come into the Christmas period it makes you think… is Christmas food really all it’s cracked up to be?


The humble sprout: a small but mighty vegetable that we insist on eating almost excusively at Christmas time. They’re underused and under appreciated if you ask me, especially when you can cook them in so many ways. Brussels with bacon bits, sprouts baked in parmesan, throw them in a stew, fry them up in your bubble and squeak. I don’t care what you do with them, I love them. What’s not to love? Except when your mum makes you put the crosses in the bottom of them all…


Awful. Dry, expensive and hard to get right. Tell me you would eat turkey with your average Sunday meal and mean it. I just can’t get on board. But of course every year your mum has it on reserve for 3 months, cooks it for 7 hours and normally argues with someone over it, just because everyone wants turkey on Christmas Day. What’s wrong with a chicken? What’s wrong with beef? What is wrong with nutroast?

Cranberry Sauce

If it’s got bits then count me in. Just not too much or your whole dinner takes like it’s covered in sugar and that turkey you and your mum were arguing about really died in vein. Just a soupçon to accompany the occasional mouthful will do, but I could definitely live without it.


Hail stuffing and all that it brings to the festive feast. Stuffing is without a doubt my favourite part of a Christmas dinner and there is never enough! Whether it’s come from the inside of the turkey and is mostly sausage meat, or if it’s the veggie stuff you can buy from a packet, it all tastes so good. Why do we not eat it all year round?!

Bread sauce

I’ve never understood bread sauce. I don’t think I can defend it in any way. I’m not behind it, I’m not planning on ever being behind it and I just… bread sauce?!

Pigs in blankets

YES! Another thing that Christmas dinner would not be complete without! Delicious little bites of heaven! I just can’t imagine the day without these guys.

Christmas pudding/cake

What on earth? A cake that your Grandma has been making since February? Not so sure about this one. However, it really is a cheap thrill to see it be set on fire and then find (filthy) money in it as you break it up with your spoon with no intention of eating it. Sorry Christmas pudding, but your stodge is not welcome here.

Mince pies

I eat the pastry, but not the mince. While the taste really could not encapsualate Christmas any more, the texture just does not sit well with me. I do love when people start buying them in the shops, and even the sheer mention fills me with delight.

Mulled wine

A steamy polestyrene cup at a Christmas fayre, cinammon sticks floating around. It’s like Christmas sangria! What’s not to love about this orangey, spicy cup of goodness.

And despite it all, every year everything is laid out on the table, whether everyone there hates it or loves it. It’s the best time of the day and it all tastes even better on Boxing Day! Happy Christmas!