EU draft deal to pave way for referendum

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Cameron’s EU draft deal, which aims to keep Britain in the Europe Union, has been published.

Cameron says it’s going to “substantial change,” paving the way for the referendum as early as June.

The draft deal was published by European Council President, Donald Tusk, after months of UK and EU negotiations to come to fixed terms on a deal that will keep the UK within the EU.

The Prime Minister has said that there is “detail to be worked on” before a crunch summit on 18th-19th February, but that the deal is “worth fighting for”.

Although ‘Leave EU’ campaigners have said that the deal, which includes an “emergency break” on migrant benefits, doesn’t come close to what Cameron has promised.

If the UK votes to remain in the EU, the PM’s proposed four year ban on in-work benefits for EU migrant workers could come into force immediately – but it would have to be agreed on by other EU nations.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, has also announced his thoughts on the draft deal – calling it “pathetic” as it is “a few cobbled together words that mean frankly nothing”.