BU’s women’s rugby union team win the league

BU Women

Bournemouth University’s women’s rugby union team have won the BUCS Western 2A league on the last day of the season.

In today’s match, the BU team beat UWE 15-5 in the deciding match of the season.

Nerve News reporter, Jordan Copperthwaite, spoke to the captain Alice Hagan after the successful match and she said; “It’s been a long season and a long journey.”

“I think from the off we set our sights on winning the league and we’ve done it. Our freshers have been incredible, our seniors have been incredible, everyone has put 110% in and we’ve dug deep and we’ve got it and I’m ecstatic.

“It’s my final year so it was my last game as well, it’s very emotional, I’ve cried three times already”