Buffalo Bar Returns Home


Many students were gutted when the O.G Buffalo shut down to make way for a certain supermarket’s car park. The opening in Lansdowne softened the blow a little, but this Winton reopening has given us all a place to grab a pint in Winton and get some great food deals.

We caught up with the management at their new place to see how they’re getting on following the opening.

How would you describe Buffalo? What do you think makes it different from everywhere else?

“Buffalo is an independent, alternative, live music venue. We intent to stand out with a wide selection of weird yet wonderful drinks that you won’t see in any other bars. We want to entertain you with the original open mic of Bournemouth, as well as live music performances from local bands each week. We’re there for the little guy and encourage anyone and everyone to use our venue to show off their talents.”

I know that many people were disappointed when the original Buffalo in Winton was closed. There is now one at Lansdowne, but why was it important to reopen Buffalo in Winton?

“Winton is the original home of Russel Bars. The original Buffalo Bar was always referred to as the owners’ baby. It is an exciting opportunity to have Buffalo in Lansdowne and reach a whole new community of people. However, we feel like Winton is still home. We believe Buffalo was an important part of the community in Winton, as it has always been the only alternative, student friendly bar in the area. We wanted to give back to the people that supported us ofr so many years and return their favourite local to them.”

Who would you say comes into the bar the most? Students, locals, those who are working?

“We have an everyone is welcome policy at Buffalo. Therefore, our clientele ranges from students, workmen, families and just anyone looking for a good time. We mostly want people to think of Buffalo as a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment where they can express their personal style and talents.” 

What is coming up at Buffalo over the next week or so? Anything that cannot be missed?

“Our open mic night, hosted by Klauss Schnopplejagen, takes place every Tuesday, 7pm-10pm. There are free drinks for every performer and it is a great way to show off your talents! Or just enjoy some great live music.”

So head down to Buffalo, grab a pint, watch some great music and one of their incredible food deals. The ultimate essay writing food I would say!