Budget Travel: Flights and Accommodation under £100

Park Güell

If you’re broke but want to go on holiday then you may be in luck. Hannah Gibbins shows you how to plan a short break in Europe where the flights and accomodation will cost you under £100, meaning more spending money when you get there.

Europe is full of cities that are good for sightseeing, good for drinking, good for beaches or all three. Websites like Skyscanner, Monarch and Ryanair can get you some really good deals on flights, especially when they’re putting everything on sale. Remember, if you can get to an airport outside of London then these flights might be even cheaper.

Using Hostelworld and Air BnB is probably your best bet as they are normally relatively cheap. Hostels are cheapest if you don’t mind staying in a dorm. Go for a hostel with a rating over 7 and you should have nothing to complain about. If this isn’t quite up your street Air BnB offers reasonable prices for private rooms and apartments. You’ll probably be going on holiday with your group chat by the end of today.

*All prices for flights and accommodation are correct from 26th April 2017. Flight prices are all adult return from London airports.

Barcelona: Flights from £49, Accommodation from £18

Flights to Barcelona start at £49 if you fly during May or June. Barcelona offers you bars, beaches and tapas. What more could you want?

Hostelworld offers a twin cabin in a campsite just outside of the city complete with pool and waterslides. There’s a bus which travels to the city center every 20 minutes but in this case, an Air BnB might be your best option.

Air BnB offers private rooms from £18 per night, which means you could stay for 2 nights and not go over £100 for both your flights and accommodation.

Barcelona Beach, photo by Connor Boland

Montserrat Monastery, photo by Tabby Horsefield

Park Güell, photo by Sophie Ryder

Park Güell, photo by Connor Boland

Sagrada Família, photo by Connor Boland

Dublin: Flights from £48, Accommodation from £13

Ryanair offers return flights to Dublin for under £50. With it just being a one hour flight you can be there by 9 oclock in the morning with a pint of Guinness in Temple Bar.

Hostelworld offers multiple hostels, all from around £13 for a dorm room, which you probably won’t be spending much time in anyway. Spire Hostel is right in the middle of the city and a 10 minute walk from Temple Bar, Dublin’s nightlife hub.

Parliment Square, photo by Connor Boland

Malaga: Flights from £43, Accomodation between £10-£17

You can have the best of both worlds here. Go celebrate the end of exams with a tacky bar crawl on the strip, spend the days on the beach or visit one of the many museums and cathedrals. You could do it all or pick and choose.

Hostels begin from £10, although I imagine location is something to look at if you want a quieter getaway. Keep in mind that other guests may be out partying until the early hours, so do some research about what kind of hostel it is, or get an Air BnB from £17.

Malaga, photo by Matt Backx

Malaga, photo by Matt Backx

Bucharest: Flights from £48, Accommodation from £13

You can fly to Bucharest for £3.99! The return flight does increase the total to £48 for a return, but you can fly to Bucharest for £3.99! Bucharest sounds like an odd place for a holiday but your pound goes a long way, meaning your food and entertainment bill should be £100 for the weekend and drinking is incredibly cheap. It’s also packed with parks, monuments and strange buildings that would make for an interesting break. Since your flight there would only be £3.99 it might be the perfect place to begin your interrailing trip?

Get a good nights sleep for £6.50 in Puzzle Hostel, or find yourself an Air BnB starting from £13.

Bucharest from the People’s palace, photo by Connor Boland

Bucharest from the People’s palace, photo by Connor Boland

Copenhagen: Flights from £19.98, Accommodation from £18

Under £20! Have you booked this flight yet? This flight is so cheap and you could stay for 4 nights and still be under £100 (booking fees not included). Copengahen offers such a wide range of attractions, from museums, castles, gardens, galleries or just the colourful buildings which line the river. If you’re looking for a Scandanavian adventure, begin here and make your way across the Øresund bridge to Sweden.

An Air BnB would be your cheapest option here, starting from £18 for a private room. Go wild with these incredibly cheap flights.

Copenhagen, photo by Tom Harvey

5 places under £100 and that wasn’t even half of it! There are hundreds of places in Europe where you can go for a weekend getaway and keep your spending to a minimum. I hope you’re now all frantically searching the internet for flights to Copenhagen or an Air BnB in Barcelona.

Gather your group chat and book some flights away because with exams coming up you probably all deserve it!