Is BU set to axe your course?


Several large BU course are set to be axed, along with job losses, under the BU2025 programme according to a report by the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

Some of BU’s biggest courses such as BA Law and BA Events Management are set to be axed, as well as considering courses with an intake of less than 15 annually.

BU2025: The university strategy is set to axe several courses that Bournemouth is renowned for.

The closures will be offset by related units being phased into other courses, such as BA International Hospitality Management, will have more related units input into other courses.

The axing of courses for which the university is renowned, such as Events Management, has come as a surprise for many students on those courses and in the wider Bournemouth community.

The university is also, according to the Echo report, due to expand courses in other areas such as business management; nursing and clinical sciences; visual effects; computer animation technical arts; digital creative industries; and specialist courses such as disaster and risk management.

The full list of courses set for closure as detailed by the Echo are:

  • BA International Hospitality Management
  • BA Events Management
  • BA Retail Management
  • BA Sport Management (golf)
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • BA law
  • Computer Animation Arts/Animation and Visualisation
  • Software Development for Animation Games and Effects

More to come as this story develops.