Brand New Gilmore Girls: A year in the life- Episode 3 Review


Summer has arrived at Stars Hollow, and whilst it may be causing glowing smiles on the outside, it’s brought a lot of heat for the Gilmore Girls, as past issues and relationships flare up.

Naturally the episode features its usual quirks and bizarre behaviour. This time Stars Hollow has gone modern with its installation of their own outside swimming pool. The Gilmore Girls, incapable of swimming (or any kind of exercise for that matter), instead take the persona of two upper class ladies, where they are waited on by two boys, whilst they lay on sunbeds playing the role of town gossip. This skilful trickery and manipulation of getting people to do what they want, is a noticeable skill of Lorelai’s that we’ve all admired, now passed onto Rory too. This season Taylor’s innovative idea belongs to a musical. As a lover of musicals, I was obviously disappointed by the fact the storyline and songs were lousy, but this is what made it humorous. While the musical was another one of Taylor’s ridiculous inventions, in past series Lorelai was always up for the town’s wacky events, including historic re-enactments, and a giant hay-bale maze. But in this case, she seemed to lose her sense of humour. It’s unlike her character to not jump on the bandwagon with the other town members but maybe the current issues she’s experiencing are clouding her vision.

With the return to home, Rory is welcomed back in a Stars Hollow manner and encouraged to join the 30 something gang (a cheesy unrealistic group who have moved back in with their parents – not saying that moving home is unrealistic, we’re all going to be there with the price rates of houses now). However, Rory is keen on insisting that this move is temporary and let’s hope for her sake it is. With this move, her journalistic career takes a new direction. Upon hearing the shocking news that the Stars Hollow Gazette will be closing after 89 years, Rory offers to take on the role of editor. However, it is not quite what she expected. After discovering that the staff is made up of two pensioners who are on their last legs and not what I’d exactly call tech savvy, she begins to regret this choice, clearly understanding the last editor’s choice to leave.

New path, old flame?

Whilst Rory’s career has taken a slight change, let’s return to her love life. Her ‘relationship’ with Logan has taken another hit. With the moving in of Logan’s fiancé Odette, Rory is left to be put up in hotels during her stays, surely making it even more obvious that she is just his ‘bit on the side.’ Things look hopeful when they call it quits on the phone, breaking up even though they were never really ‘together’. I truly hope Rory does leave him behind, and that he is no longer her go-to when she’s upset or in trouble. Though still not letting Paul know he’s dumped (a factor that has annoyed me throughout this reboot), one good aspect about Rory’s love life came out this episode with the appearance of Jess Mariano. It’s been four years since they saw each other and they still have the same chemistry as in the previous series. Returning to see Rory in a similar state as he saw her when she left Yale, Jess proceeds to give her the wise advice that she should write a book about her relationship with her mother. I think we can confirm that we get quite a lot of fun out of watching these two people’s lives unfold, so the book would surely be a success. As well as bringing advice, Jess brings his calm and cool attitude, success and ultimately his good looks. Forever a Jess fan, I’m still sat here waiting for these two to get together.

Gilmore Girls

If you are Team Jess then this is your episode! (credits Gilmore Girls FB page)

With this idea, we finally get to see that glimmer of hope for Rory’s career as she hops on a new path, finally experiencing that sense of change we were waiting for last week. Yet, it is this book which causes the rare experience of a huge argument between mother and daughter, one mimicking the behaviour between Lorelai and Emily. Hopefully things won’t spiral into the results of season 6, but it definitely made a dent in their loving relationship, Rory clearly hurt by the lack of support Lorelai was offering as she dismissed her book proposal.

A new man for Emily?

Emily’s real storyline stirs more emotional responses for the viewer than they often experience. As you can expect from a marriage of 50 years, Emily feels lost without Richard and it is this raw subject and its relatability; whether you’ve experienced it first hand or through someone else, that causes it to pull at our heartstrings. It’s triggered her to forget about her usual norms within such a prestige and organised life, instead resulting in her sleeping in until noon (this is the women who was shocked to find Rory still in her pyjamas at 8), indicating that she has nothing to look forward to. Not only has she had a TV put into the living room, she’s become accustomed to TV tray dinners, far different from the proper dinner table her and Richard used to sit at opposite ends of. Her maid, Berta, who doesn’t speak a word of English would usually be fired in a heartbeat, but Emily has warmed to her and her dysfunctional family, filling up the empty household. It’s reassuring to see Emily find comfort in widow Jack Smith, yet Lorelai reacts irrationally as the daughter of Richard. This annoyed me, because she should see hope in the company of someone for her mother, whether boyfriend or companion. Although Emily always was prim and proper and set in her ways, it was this contrast between characters that was so entertaining. I just hope she returns to her old ways come Autumn.

Already with her best-friend Suki on sabbatical and no-one good enough to replace her as chef and friend, Michel’s decision to leave takes a toll on Lorelai’s health. Michel drops the bombshell whilst out for a drink. This dramatic announcement is made humorous by the quirky setting. Perfectly suited to Stars Hollow’s uniqueness, the two are sat in the secret bar, when they are interrupted by having to suddenly pack away the contents of the bar and hide, so as to keep Taylor blind of any knowledge of the bar’s existence.

The returning presence of April causes strain on Luke and Lorelai’s relationship, and once again we’re seeing repeated storylines. Luke hasn’t learnt from his old mistakes and is still trying to keep Lorelai’s participation minimal, and the apparent deal to keep their crazy families separate from each other is just another sign for an unhealthy relationship, resulting in a dramatic argument in the diner. Both these factors, as well as the bust up with Rory leads to Lorelai’s climactic meltdown and decision to go wild on the Pacific Crest Trail. This act is so far out of character and Lorelai’s comfort zone, which suggests that she’s truly going through some issues. Although left feeling heartbroken for Luke, maybe this time apart will result in healthy developments to their relationship. So, rather than bring joy and bright vibes, Summer has proven that the Gilmore Girls are barely coping with the pressures life is throwing them. Hopefully Autumn will be their season, as with one episode to go I’m hoping for a perfect ending.