Brand New Gilmore Girls: A year in the life- Episode 1 Review


Rumours are constantly going around about the reunion of our favourite shows (how many times has a F.R.I.E.N.D.S one been mentioned?) and they nearly always turn out to be false. So when I first heard that Gilmore Girls would be returning for a new series I didn’t get my hopes up.

But when it was finally confirmed that there would be four 90 minute episodes (that’s like four films!), I was transported back into my teenage years of coming back from a long day of school to my favourite mother and daughter act. And with the return of the original creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino who left after season 6, I was assured that the new series would not disappoint and would be full of its original charm, plenty of coffee, and laughter, mixed with tears and drama.

Like many keen fans, I was sure to start guiltily binge watching those old episodes on Netflix. In all honesty, I’m disappointed in myself for not finishing all 7 seasons before the new one came out, so hats off to those of you who did.

With the new series, came many questions burning inside – Who will be the man in Rory’s life? Has she gone off to conquer the world as a successful journalist? Is Lorelai still with Luke? Fortunately, the official trailer revealed that Lorelai and Luke were still a couple, of course with a few issues; which relationship doesn’t have its faults? (But I’m glad that they’re going strong, otherwise there would have been an uproar of many broken hearted fans; we can’t deal with another Ross and Rachel situation!) As it got closer to the release date, more actors were revealed to return, and learning that all Rory’s past three lovers will make an appearance in the show left more strings unanswered, and a greater burning desire to find out.

It wasn’t long before we were thrown back into the lovable home of Stars Hollow, and faced with the Gilmore Girls remarkable talent for fast paced talking

As I was in Cardiff when the episodes first aired, I had to hold out until Sunday night when I could fully indulge in episode 1 in the warmth of my bed (I’m utterly shocked that my flatmates don’t share my love for Gilmore Girls, but at least I get to share my opinion somewhere).

The episode began with snippets of famous quotes from the previous seasons, sending me into a nostalgic past, and building the suspense further. It began with the season Winter, Lorelai’s favourite time of year, where she has a ridiculous sense for snow. It wasn’t long before we were thrown back into the lovable home of Stars Hollow, and faced with the Gilmore Girls remarkable talent for fast paced talking (a feature Sherman-Palladino mentions ironically in the opening scene). Nearly eight years on and the duo still look beautiful, Alexis Bledel (Rory) hardly aged a bit.

Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls haven’t aged a bit… (credits to

Finally, we get some questions answered. It appears that Rory is the high-flying career women she wanted to be. Although, not necessarily settled in one company, or let alone one house, she has proven to be successful, and its shown through the article she has had printed for The New York Times, which Luke proudly printed onto the back of his menu; (it’s acts like these which remind me why I was so in love with the guy who owned the diner). It’s Rory’s love life that I had problems with though. Unlike Emily, I didn’t expect Rory necessarily to be settled down. I was more confused of her current boyfriend of apparently two years, Paul, who is clearly not future material, emphasised by the fact no one ever remembers him. Whilst clearly created for humorous aspect, this angered me as Rory (although with dodgy boyfriend history) wouldn’t intentionally string someone along, and go on to cheat on him with old flame Logan. It is portrayed that this relation with Logan is just a casual fling; ‘what happens in New York stays in New York’, but this blasé attitude is not the Rory we grew to love. Whilst Logan may have looked gorgeous, I will always be team Jess Mariano, so I will be interested to see where this leads.

Edward Herrmann’s death was something that would clearly affect the plot of the new series, and it was sentimental to find that the episode was dedicated in his memory. Richard’s presence was missed, and the funeral scene pulled at the heartstrings of viewers, but it gave an opportunity to cause the common conflict between Emily (Kelly Bishop who at the age of 72 looked amazing, something that must run in the Gilmore genes) and Lorelai, who shamed her grandfather after too many whisky’s. The scene was uplifted by an astounding painting of Richard covering a whole wall, as he glares at you from feet above. It is debatable how long this battle will go on between Emily and Lorelai, but it looks promising for a lot of laughs as Lorelai is tricked into going to mother and daughter therapy.

With the comfort of Stars Hollow comes the company of the many colourful characters. Kirk appears back with a ridiculous new business plan (and a pet pig, as he couldn’t be trusted with a baby), Taylor is on one of his missions to improve the town, Miss Patty has lost a tonne of weight, Hep Alien are still rocking, and Michelle’s sexuality is finally confirmed as we hear of his boyfriend. Plus, we hear that Suki has gone on sabbatical, so we missed the lovable Melissa McCarthy, but I believe we can expect to see her in following episodes.

I’m all too excited to continue through the seasons with the lovable Gilmore Girls, and see more of these familiar faces. I just hope Rory cuts the ties with Paul and decides who she wants. It will be interesting to see where the story leads in regards to Luke and Lorelai’s baby situation, and I just pray that an old flame doesn’t break this couple up.

If you can’t get enough of the show check out the featurette below