Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens Aviary set for a rebuild

People donating to Bournemouth Aviary

Plans are underway for the regeneration of the Bournemouth Aviary and surrounding Pine Walk area of Westover Gardens.

Delivered as part of the Lower Gardens ‘masterplan’, the new aviary will be equipped with improved facilities and flight areas for the rescued birds.

The work is supported by the Bournemouth Parks Foundation who are helping to collect the funds with the assistance of the ‘Polly the talking parrot’ sculpture on site.

It is managed by dedicated volunteers and is a place of sanctuary for the homeless birds who are native to countries around the world.

Darrell Sturmey, Co-ordinator of the Friends of the Aviary, said: “We would like to show our appreciation to the dear birds by creating a new environment that the birds can proudly call their home.

“It will provide for learning and education where groups of people are always welcome to attend. It’s a fitting place for the birds to spend the rest of their lives.”

Watch more about what the Lead Volunteer has to say:

Bournemouth Council would like to see a new aviary and surrounding cafe developed to enhance Westover Gardens and it is working with local architects Morgan-Carey to deliver this aim.

All the donations will contribute to the £200,000 required to develop and build the stunning new Aviary.

Anyone wishing to donate to the project can do so here.

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